A ball of energy who loves to laugh, Charlie wants to join a kind and loving family

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People who know Charles — or Charlie, as he likes to be called — describe him as imaginative, helpful, creative and outgoing. Charlie, 13, enjoys dodge-ball, baseball, Nerf guns and playing card games. He is a ball of energy and will need parents who are energetic to keep up with his fast pace.

Charlie is proud of his math ability, his coping skills and his table manners. He enjoys mowing the grass and would like to be a landscaper when he grows up. Charlie enjoys funny things that make him laugh.

Charlie would like a kind, loving family in which he is the only child or the youngest child. He loves dogs, cats and rabbits and would like to have a pet. He would thrive in a family that would help him learn social skills and appropriate interactions that he could practice every day. Charlie needs a family that will advocate for him. He also needs a family that will be understanding, patient and offer options, but also provide consistency and structure.

If you or someone you know are interested in becoming an adoptive parent, please visit the Adopt Kansas Kids website at www.adoptkskids.org, send an email to customercare@adoptkskids.org or call 855-AdoptKS (855-236-7857). Charlie’s case number is CH-6512.

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