Bad news: Raiders inform NFL prospect he had 37 parking tickets in college

NFL prospects go into the scouting combine expecting the worst. Teams will go to great lengths to dig up dirt on players. And when those teams can’t find it, they resort to strange, insulting and sometimes dehumanizing questions.

But of all those, the most bizarre exchange between an NFL team and a prospect may have come Thursday, when the Las Vegas Raiders informed TCU lineman Ross Blacklock that he had 37 parking tickets in college. That revelation came as news to Blacklock, who had no idea.

Don’t worry, Blacklock isn’t in trouble with the law. As he explains, the fines from those tickets were paid off through the stipend he received at TCU. That at least partially explains how Blacklock didn’t know he had 37 parking tickets in college.

But also, how the heck could he not know about 37 parking tickets? If you miss one, that’s OK. Everybody makes mistakes. But if you then miss 36 others ... well, we don’t know what to tell you.

Ross Blacklock had some explaining to do in one interview. (AP Photo/AJ Mast)

It’s unclear whether NFL teams will penalize Blacklock for not knowing about the parking tickets. He’s considered a late first-round talent, so teams might be more willing to overlook parking violations for a guy with his ability.

Still, NFL teams are weird. At least one team was put off by New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara because he refused to take out his nose ring during an interview.

Hopefully, teams have learned from that experience. Missing out on a first-round talent due to something that has nothing to do with football can have grave consequences.

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