Back To The Future-style self-lacing trainers ARE HERE

Finally. It’s been 27 years since Marty McFly donned a pair of impossibly futuristic Nikes with power lace technology in ‘Back To The Future II’.

And now, a generation later, they’re here, with Nike announcing the HyperAdapt 1.0 sneaker.

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With self-laces like the Nike Mag – a limited number of which were released last year via auction to raise money for Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease research foundation – these will be actually available to buy (only from certain shops, from November 28), though no word yet on price.

Made with a webbing outer and featuring a motor housed in a block in the mid-sole, they adapt to your foot and tighten themselves accordingly.

To add another futuristic slant, you charge the shoes on a magnetic dock (they last around two weeks per charge).

The folks at Nike say:

“The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 is the payoff of significant research into digital, electrical and mechanical engineering. Powered by an underfoot-lacing mechanism, the shoe proposes a groundbreaking solution to individual idiosyncrasies in lacing and fit preferences. That means the undue pressure caused by tight tying and slippage resulting from loose laces are relics of the past. Precise, consistent, personalized lockdown can now be manually adjusted on the go.”

Just need a hoverboard to use them with now.

The shoes have been developed by Nike ‘senior innovator’ Tiffany Beers and trainer design legend Tinker Hatfield, designer of the Air Jordan and Nike’s vice president for design and special projects.

You can check out Michael J. Fox trying on those BTTF II Mags here…

Image credits: Nike/Universal