Bachelor Star Megan Marx Talks Redoing Her Breast Implants and Coping with Her Neurological Disorder

‘Bachelor’ star Megan Marx reveals rare, debilitating neurological diagnosis
‘Bachelor’ star Megan Marx reveals rare, debilitating neurological diagnosis

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Bachelor Australia star Megan Marx is giving her fans insight on her neurological disorder as well as her upcoming plastic surgery plans.

On Monday, the 33-year-old gave a few health updates on her Instagram Story after posting a Q&A for her followers. One person asked if she had gotten her breast augmentation redone after she originally got the procedure done at 18.

"Not yet," she responded, noting that her doctor was concerned about her suddenly losing weight during a consultation. "He wanted to make sure I was in a good state of mind mentally, and physically in good health before we could make a concrete plan."

Marx added that she was grateful her doctor was "super ethical" and more concerned about "my health and wellbeing than a set of tits."

"I'm only just stabilizing with my weight now. I've put on some healthy kgs & definitely keen to have my implants replaced — possible list, possible fat transplant," she added, vowing to keep her followers posted when she does have the surgery.

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Megan Marx Talks Coping with Her Diagnosis, Possibly Getting Breast Implants
Megan Marx Talks Coping with Her Diagnosis, Possibly Getting Breast Implants

Megan Marx/Instagram

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Additionally, one fan asked Marx how she's been coping with being diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia.

"It's late onset with SCA6. I'm perfectly healthy & plan to be for a long time. The little niggles in the meantime are just that," she responded. "Anyway, this is how I feel about things today, don't ask me tomorrow😜."

The reality star first revealed she was diagnosed with the rare degenerative neurological disease last month on Instagram.

"Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA6) Months of waiting for gene test results, I met with the neurologist on Friday. S— news. Diagnosis," Marx wrote alongside a selfie. "Some tears while [boyfriend Keith Newman] took over the conversation. F— huh!"

Spinocerebellar ataxia is a group of inherited brain disorders that affects the cerebellum — part of the brain that controls coordination of physical movement — and the spinal cord, according to the Cleveland Clinic. It affects about one to five of every 100,000 people.

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As the condition progresses, it can cause problems with the eyes, hands, speech, legs and mobility. Symptoms typically appear after age 18 and slowly worsen over several years, per the Cleveland Clinic.

There is no cure for spinocerebellar ataxia, however, treatment plans involve minimizing symptoms and improving function.

Following her diagnosis, Marx has remained positive about the physical abilities she still has.

"Feeling grateful for my physical body right now, in its present state, before neurological degeneration attempts to take some of me from me," the The Challenge Australia star said. "All the yays for love making and skinny dipping and hiking and painting and food-ing and bad dancing and awful conversations at bars."

"Actually feeling grateful altogether. Many have worse diagnoses," she ended the post. "Just some processing to do. Lots of living to do."