Bachelor Alum Courtney Robertson Is 'Currently Deciding' on Baby No. 3: 'Leaning Towards Yes' Courtney Robertson Preciado/Instagram Courtney Robertson Preciado/Instagram

Courtney Robertson Preciado/Instagram

Courtney Robertson is opening up about life as a mom of two.

Speaking with PEOPLE at an event for The Bachelor season 27, the dating series alum, 39, joked that she and husband Humberto Preciado are "excited" for when her kids can "start wiping their own butts."

"The days are full, but it's like little fires in the house. I always say little fires cracking," she tells PEOPLE. "It's just new developments every day, and it's fun to share that with my husband, texting him like, 'Oh my God, my daughter's standing.' I think by the time I get home, she'll be walking."

Robertson also talked about the differences she's noticed between daughter Paloma Ruby, 14 months, and son Joaquin Ramon, 2½.

"My son is a total mama's boy, and their personalities are so different. They're just born with their ways," she says. "My daughter is so sweet, and she just looks at my husband. She's a daddy's girl. She loves me too. When he walks in the room, she just lights up.

Though having two under two can be a challenge, Robertson believes the couple is "more relaxed now as parents, having been through it," which gives them more time to devote to their own relationship.

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"We always make it a point to do at least one date night a week, and my husband's really good at that. We love going to concerts, so we do 24-hour trips," she explains, recalling a recent trip to Anaheim, California for a Pearl Jam concert.

However, Robertson admits that being "out till midnight" isn't the same as before.

"You feel the effects the next day. You wake up with the kids at 6, and you're like, 'But it was worth it because we got to flirt a little bit.' Just have a nice dinner together. So you appreciate it much more now."

Having found the balance, Robertson says the couple is entertaining the idea of adding one more to their brood.

Courtney Robertson, Humberto Preciado
Courtney Robertson, Humberto Preciado

"I'm just doing real estate full-time in Arizona. That's been nice. I'm starting a podcast I'm really excited about, a limited series. And I think we were deciding if we're going to have another baby," she teases, adding, "Stay tuned."

Of the conversation, Robertson says she's admitted to Preciado that she's nervous to "be outnumbered."

"But my husband really wants another, and I'm turning 40 next summer, so we're deciding that and if we have the bandwidth to do it."

"It's a big decision, and we're deciding soon, but I think we're leaning towards yes, to at least try," she continues. "At least right now, we each have one, so it's like we're covered. We'll have a wild child. We'll see. I'm hoping for another boy. I have to say, my son loves me."