Baby gets a crash course in crawling — from a paralyzed pup, viral TikTok video shows

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Screengrabs from @kahluasadventure's TikTok page

A baby in Florida got a lesson in crawling from an unexpected teacher: the family’s paralyzed dog.

Kahlua the paralyzed pup’s story is chronicled on her owner’s TikTok @kahluasadventure. She was adopted by Lori Dugas and her family, who live in Port Charlotte, Florida, according to FOX35.

A video of Dugas’ son, Caleb, crawling on the ground like Kahlua next to the pup went viral on TikTok, getting 6.7 million views.

“Our paralyzed dog taught the baby how to get around,” Dugas joked in the video.

Both baby and pup crawl along the ground with their arms or front legs, back legs dragging behind.

“Cutest video ever, makes me happy to see their bond,” one commenter wrote on the video.

Kahlua fell off a three-story balcony at her previous family’s home, Dugas explained in one of the videos. The rottweiler mix shattered her hip and broke her spine, which left her paralyzed, but the Dugas family decided to take a chance on her.

Videos show Kahlua and Caleb romping around the house in dog wheelchairs and baby walkers.

“She is an amazing addition to our home,” Dugas said. “We’re so happy she’s a part of our family.”

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