Baby boy and tiny Pomeranian are ‘always up to something’

There’s nothing better than growing up with your best friend.

Baby boy Niko and Pomeranian Indie are practically inseparable. One can hardly stand to be without the other. Meanwhile, the tiny dog and rugrat seem to almost eerily have their own secret language. Niko’s mama shared one of their special interactions on their account @nikoandindie.

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“These two are always up to something,” the caption read.

It looked like the Pomeranian and the baby boy were in the middle of a conversation or game. Their body language appeared to say it all without them having to say a thing, nary a word or a bark—just giggles and tail-wags.

Niko stood looking down at Indie, and Indie looked ready to react. Then Niko started to run away, and Indie began to chase him. The baby boy giggled and ran into his mother’s arm with the dog following behind.

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The video received 12.9 million views on TikTok. People couldn’t help but notice the pair’s special bond.

“Just so precious. Children and animals are great together. Pure joy,” someone wrote.

“Babies and dogs use body language to express communication,” another commented.

“I just love his laughter and happiness, and they’re both so beautiful,” a person said.

“This made me like lil dogs a little more,” a TikToker replied.

“Nothing better than a child’s laughter,” a user added.

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