B.C. sues family of gang members for seized cash, diamond ring

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 The cash and ring were seized from the family's Burnaby residence in 2018.  (Gian-Paolo Mendoza/CBC - image credit)
The cash and ring were seized from the family's Burnaby residence in 2018. (Gian-Paolo Mendoza/CBC - image credit)

The B.C. government is suing to keep more than $22,000 in cash and a diamond ring that were seized by the Vancouver Police Department in a Burnaby residence on Aug. 7, 2018.

The lawsuit, filed Sept. 7 by the director of civil forfeiture, is focusing on spouses Gurcharn and Mohanvir Kang and their son, Sameet.

It alleges that all are members of the Kang group, an organized crime gang operating in B.C. and Alberta that is closely aligned with the Red Scorpions gang.

Sameet Kang is currently serving a 14-year prison sentence for drug-trafficking offences. The Kangs' two other sons were both fatally shot—Randy Kang in October 2017, and Gary Kang in January of this year.

Police also seized cocaine, fentanyl, hash, heroin, more than 30 cellphones, a loaded handgun and ammunition from the Kangs' last known residence on 3845 Fir Street.

The money was found bundled with elastic bands in shopping bags, in "a manner not consistent with standard banking practices."

Unlawful activity

The lawsuit states that the money and ring are "proceeds and instruments of unlawful activity," and that if they were returned to the defendants, they would likely be used for unlawful activity.

It also states that a business listed in the father's name—GS Kang & Sons Investments Ltd.—is not a legitimate business, and that neither was E-Z Rent-a-Car Ltd., which was listed in the mother's name but was dissolved in 2018.

It states that both of these businesses were "incorporated for the purpose of facilitating unlawful activity by the Kang Group and their associates."

The lawsuit also notes other crimes that the three defendants have engaged in or facilitated since 2010, including robbery, assault, possession for the purpose of trafficking, mischief, attempted murder, impaired operation of a motor vehicle, and flight from a peace officer.

The raiding of the Burnaby residence in 2018 was part of a larger investigation by the Vancouver Police department that led to 34 people being charged.

A response has not yet been filed to the notice of civil claim.

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