Ayo Edebiri Was Most Excited About This Health Benefit of Being a Working Actor

There’s a lot of glitz and glam that comes along with being a working actor in Hollywood, but Emmy Award-winning actress Ayo Edebiri just got real about the perk she was most excited about: the health benefits.

Ayo, who is best known for her role in The Bear, mentioned this little secret while chatting with Laverne Cox and E! News on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards on January 15. She had been nominated and later won the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

When asked if she ever expected to be honored at an award show like the Emmys, Ayo gave a blunt, but relatable reply. "She didn't dream of nights like this. She sort of dreamed of dental insurance,” Ayo told E! News from the red carpet. “We got dental, we got eyes, we got ears. We can go to the dermatologist.”

Laverne agreed saying “Dental is so big, right?” To which the 28-year-old actress enthusiastically agreed. “I grind at night. I didn’t realize that about myself.”

BTW, teeth grinding is super common, per Cedars-Sinai’s Blog. One-third of adults grind their teeth during the day, and about one in 10 people grind while asleep. Left untreated, this can cause more serious issues like TMJ, which can cause pain in the jaw and temples.

The Abbott Elementary actress also had another piece of health advice to give out, telling viewers to make sure to get their skin checked once a year. “Check your moles, people. Wear sunscreen, even if you're Black, and check your moles," she shared with Laverne and E! News.

While Ayo’s comments surely elicited some laughs, she’s offering important, even life-saving, advice here. The easiest way to detect skin cancer early is through preventative annual checks, per The Skin Cancer Foundation. The exams take only about 10 minutes, per the foundation, but require a dermatologist to check patients from head-to-toe for any moles, sometimes using a magnifying glass. This, combined with self-checks, is a great way to ensure skin health and care, the foundation explains. Another excellent way to protect the skin? Sunscreen. So, Ayo is on the money once again!

Come for the great red carpet moments and awards, stay for the funny and important health tips. Thanks, Ayo!

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