Avril Lavigne may be destroying your computer

Sophie Ludel
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Avril Lavigne has been named “the most dangerous celebrity on the internet.” Claudia and Jackie Oshry of AOL’s The Morning Breath reveal that according to cybersecurity firm McAfee, Avril Lavigne is the most likely celebrity to give a person’s computer a virus. Yes, she beat out Beyoncé for this title. Basically internet users who search for Avril “have a 14.5 percent chance of landing on a web page with the potential for online threats, a number that increases to 22 percent if users type her name and search for free MP3s.”

Others on the list include Bruno Mars, who comes in at No. 2, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Zayn Malik. Landing at No. 5 is Celine Dion. As Claudia says, “What did [Celine] ever do?!”

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