Average home price tops $1 million in this Raleigh zip code for August 2022

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Scott Sharpe/ssharpe@newsobserver.com

The average home value in one Raleigh ZIP code has reached seven figures.

Single family homes in ZIP code 27608 cost, on average, over $1,014,000 according to the Zillow Home Value Index.

This Raleigh ZIP code includes Bloomsbury, Five Points, White Oak Forest and Hayes Barton.

The second-highest average value for single family homes in the Triangle are in ZIP code 27605, also located in Raleigh. These homes are valued at $768,731 — more than $245,000 below.

The lowest average value in Raleigh on this list is for ZIP code 27610. This ZIP code has single family homes selling for $347,545 on average.

Check out the interactive map below to see what the average home value is in ZIP codes across the Triangle.

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