Avenue 5 creator says show is not canceled: 'Everyone wants to do more'

Avenue 5 creator says show is not canceled: 'Everyone wants to do more'

Fans of HBO's Avenue 5 were surprised last May when it was widely reported that the show's actors had been released from their contracts and that the science fiction sitcom would probably conclude with the upcoming second season. Someone else who was surprised by news of this rumored cancellation? Avenue 5 creator Armando Iannucci.

When EW recently caught up with Iannucci, he insisted that season 2 will not be the show's last, at least as far as he is concerned

"No," said the executive producer when asked if the show was canceled. "No, no, no, it's not. No."

Avenue 5
Avenue 5

Gary Moyes/HBO Josh Gad in 'Avenue 5'

Iannucci explained that the cast had been let out of their contracts because of the COVID-caused delay in shooting season 2 of the show.

"HBO doesn't really renew a season until the previous season is going out," he said. "Because we got delayed by the pandemic by about 18 months, we knew that meant everyone's contracts would run out, because they're contracted for a certain period. We just thought, everyone's got 101 other things to be doing, so it would be unfair to kind of keep them on hold in limbo. But everyone wants to do more. HBO are very keen. We'll make more when we can corral everyone together again. Everyone's up for it and we've already got ideas and thoughts about what happens next."

Avenue 5 stars Hugh Laurie and Josh Gad and is set on an interplanetary cruise ship which goes off course with chaotic, and at times fatal, consequences for passengers and crew. Iannucci teased that matters will become even worse in the second season of the show, which includes also cast members Zach Woods, Lenora Crichlow, and Rebecca Front.

"Really, all hell ensues," said the executive producer. "They fly toward the sun in one episode, there's an outbreak of fascism, there's a lockdown while someone dangerous is onboard the ship, and then there's a death lotto. It's basically everyday life but in space!"

Avenue 5 returns to HBO on Oct. 10. Watch the trailer for season 2 of Avenue 5 below.

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