Auvenir is ready to transform the audit software market in the US

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TORONTO, Dec. 7, 2021 /CNW/ - The market for audit is about to evolve in the United States. Auvenir, a cloud-based auditing and client collaboration platform for smaller to mid-sized firms, is pleased to announce the release of its product in the US, which enables firms to seamlessly complete an audit, review, compilation, and preparation process in one platform.

With the latest release, Auvenir users that purchase an Auvenir Pro license with the US Content Guide will be able to access content authored by experts in the accounting and auditing field, Dr. Mark S. Beasley, Professor of Accounting and Director of Enterprise Risk Management Initiative in the Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University, and Dr. Randy Elder, Professor of Accounting at the Bryan School of Business & Economics at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. Auvenir's US Content Guide is based on the Audit and Attest and Compilation and Review Standards published by the AICPA.

"Following our successful launch in Canada earlier this year, we are excited to enter the US market and are confident that our latest release will allow our users to complete audit, review, compilation, and preparation processes with ease and consistency with our new US Content Guide," says Pete Myers, CEO of Auvenir. "We're thrilled to see firms in the US explore our solution, designed specifically for smaller firms."

The latest release of Auvenir features:

  • Fully digitized US Content Guide authored by Dr. Mark S. Beasley and Dr. Randy Elder

  • New Analytics Tool (Ratio analysis and data visualization)

  • Carryforward an engagement to minimize work year over year

  • Engagement Lockdown

  • Email notifications on client requests so you always have the latest status on data requests

Auvenir's latest release integrates tailored questions directly in the platform to ensure users get the right content for their engagements, the moment they need it. Our templates are fully customizable and are designed to give the user full control to tailor engagements to the client's needs.

"We are excited to author the US Content Guide - exclusive for Auvenir Pro and based on the Audit and Attest and Compilation and Review Standards published by the AICPA. The fully digitized US Content Guide in the platform will enable Auvenir users to take four engagement paths: Guided Audit Workflow, Guided Review Workflow, Guided Compilation Workflow, and Guide Preparation Workflow. The US Content Guide in Auvenir Pro will facilitate file review, support consistent assessment of risks, and allow for straightforward updates in subsequent years." – Dr. Mark S. Beasley and Dr. Randy Elder

Is your firm ready to learn more about Auvenir Contact our sales team for more information on how you can upgrade your audit, review, compilation, and preparation process in one platform.

About Auvenir:

Auvenir delivers smart, cloud-based financial audit & assurance solutions designed specifically for small to medium-sized accounting firms.

We have built an intelligent platform that enables accounting firms to leverage the best of today's technology to create a better engagement experience for practitioners and their clients.

We are on a mission to help everyone Audit Smarter.


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