Autofarm Announces the Launch of AutoLabs, Research Wing Focusing on Fusing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into DeFi

Sydney, Australia--(Newsfile Corp. - January 31, 2023) - Autofarm, a leading low fee multi-chain DEX & yield aggregator protocol announces a significant step forward in the DeFi space by integrating advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to revolutionize yield generation and scalability on the platform.


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To lead this initiative, Autofarm has established AutoLabs, an in-house research division dedicated to exploring the integration of advanced AI/ML technologies. A team of experts from various AI backgrounds has been assembled within AutoLabs to spearhead this venture. The goal of this internal research division is to empower Autofarm's products with the ability to analyze real-world data dynamically, identify profitable opportunities, and make autonomous decisions for optimal asset allocation across multiple blockchain networks.

One key technique that Autofarm plans to implement is using oracles to bridge on-chain and off-chain data. These oracles will gather real-time information about the various chains and tokens supported by Autofarm, enabling the platform to make data-driven decisions on where to allocate user assets for maximum yield.

In particular, Autofarm will explore integrating AI/ML algorithms in its Autofarm Vaults. This yield optimizer platform pools gas costs through battle-tested smart contract code and best-in-class yield optimization strategies. These algorithms, such as quantum-inspired, deep learning, and neural language processing, will identify the most profitable chains and tokens in real-time, thus improving yield optimization.

Additionally, Autofarm intends to utilize AI/ML techniques to optimize liquidity pools on the DEX for enhanced trade execution, thereby increasing the scalability of the platform and reducing the risk of holding crypto assets. Automated investment strategies powered by AI/ML algorithms will also be introduced to help users maximize returns in the fast-paced world of DeFi. These AI models, trained on large amounts of market data, can predict changes in token prices, perform efficient asset allocation, and predictively model asset management strategies, potentially resulting in higher returns.

Lastly, Autofarm is also exploring the integration of these AI and ML technologies to its DEX aggregator, AutoSwap. The goal is to use AI and ML algorithms to optimize trade execution and find the best prices from multiple DEXes. This results in the lowest slippage possible and non-front-runnable and non-arbitrageable trades for users.

Integrating AI and ML technologies into Autofarm is a game-changer for the DeFi space, and Autofarm couldn't be more excited to be at the forefront of this innovation. Autofarm's dedicated team is committed to researching and implementing these technologies to provide the users with the best yield farming experience possible. Autofarm looks forward to continuing to create a more profitable and efficient yield farming ecosystem for the community.

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