Author who 'might have gotten Steve Bannon fired' talks Trump and Breitbart future

On The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Joshua Green, the author of Devil’s Bargain, stopped by to talk about Steve Bannon‘s future and how his book might have affected the former White House chief strategist. Noah said, “Apparently, this book might have got Steve Bannon fired.”

Green didn’t speak on whether the book actually got Bannon fired, but he did say, “I was told by a White House official, ‘You know, Trump‘s not going to read your book, but he’s going to look at the cover and see Bannon’s name actually comes before Trump’s name on the book’ — which it does. Trump doesn’t like co-stars, and I think the fact Bannon got to be top billing on the book was problematic.”

Green spoke with Bannon after he left the White House, and Bannon said that he wasn’t fired, but that seems to be neither here nor there because Trump doesn’t cut ties. Green said, “So he fired his first campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski — kept calling him. He fired a second campaign manager, Paul Manafort — kept calling him until his lawyers made him stop because of the Russia scandal. I suspect that, after firing or consciously uncoupling with Steve Bannon, that he’s still going to have Bannon on speed dial.”

Green also said that Bannon’s “bargain” with Trump was helping him win him the presidency in exchange for putting into action things like anti-immigration measures, building a border wall, and a less interventionist foreign policy. But for Bannon, the arrangement hasn’t worked out.

Green said, “The Trump administration has gone completely off the rails. What he means by ‘war‘ is he’s going to fight for the same ideas on the outside — not necessarily by taking on Trump directly, but by using what he called the ‘killing weapon’ of Breitbart News to go after Trump’s enemies on Capitol Hill and, I think, in the administration.”

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