Australia's Albanese off to Quad after swearing in

STORY: Australia's new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will soon meet with leaders of the Quad countries in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Although votes from Saturday's election are still being counted and some seats have yet to be decided, Albanese and several key ministers were sworn in ahead of the Quad meeting with officials from the United States, Japan and India.

Backed by newly-minted deputy leader Richard Marles, Foreign Minister Penny Wong, Treasurer Jim Chalmers and Finance Minister Katy Gallagher, Albanese held his first press conference as prime minister on Monday.

There he called Australia's relationship with the U.S. its "most important" -- while acknowledging its relationship with China will remain difficult.

"I said that before the election, that has not changed. It is China that has changed, not Australia, and Australia should always stand up for our values and we will in a government that I lead."

Labor Party leader Albanese defeated outgoing prime minister Scott Morrison, pledging to tackle climate change, rising living costs and inequality.

Ending nearly a decade of conservative leadership in Australia, Labor rode to power with the help of a wave of unprecedented support for climate-focused, mostly female independents.

It's still unclear whether Labor will govern with a majority, but Albanese said Monday he had already struck deals with some independents.

Official results could still be several days away, with Albanese' full ministry set to be sworn in on June 1.

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