Australians hope for climate action after election

STORY: "It's good to have a change. I think (outgoing Prime Minister Scott) Morrison definitely needed to go and it's good to see (prime minister-elect Anthony) Albanese in," said local resident Patrick Lucas from Sydney's Bondi Beach, while other residents echoed the same sentiment.

Centre-left Labor is 4-5 seats short of a majority of 76 in the 151 seat lower chamber with about a dozen electorates deemed too close to call, television channels reported on Sunday, as Labor looks to return to power for the first time since 2013.

Labor leader Albanese will become the 31st prime minister after independents, who campaigned for more action on climate change, toppled Morrison's Liberal Party in several of its traditional strongholds. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was also poised to lose his seat and could become one of the highest-ranking casualties.

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