Australian icebreaker en route to Antarctic station to rescue expedition member

An icebreaker is en route from Australia to an Antarctic research station to rescue an expedition member who is experiencing a medical issue, according to the Australian government.

The expeditioner is located at Casey Research Station, on an ice cap approximately 2,125 miles (3,420km) south of the Australian Antarctic Division headquarters in Hobart, Tasmania.

The government agency has not disclosed the identity of the individual or provided details about their medical condition.

"The expeditioner requires specialist medical assessment and care in Australia for a developing medical condition," the division said in a statement.

The Australian icebreaker RSV Nuyina departed from Hobart last week for this rescue mission, which is taking place at the beginning of the Southern Hemisphere's spring season. The ship is equipped with helicopters that will be used for the evacuation.

As of now, there is no response from the division regarding the expected timing of the evacuation.

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During the summer months, more than 150 expeditioners visit the Casey research station, but during the winter, fewer than 20 remain to carry out maintenance work. The division added that all other personnel at Casey are safe and accounted for.