Austin Bristow Captures the Raw Thrill of Street Skating in “Portiions”

Austin Bristow has released another compilation video documenting skateboarding talents across various cities.

The video’s length spanned over 20 minutes, showcasing young skateboarding talents traversing streets, urban pavements as well as iconic landmarks across major cities like London, New York, Miami, Paris, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Lisbon, Milan and Rome.

“Portiions” is presented in Bristow’s signature visual language — a mixture of raw grittiness that nods to the nostalgic appeal of old camcorders, combined with a high-contrast coloring and fish-eye-esque angle. The footage is accompanied by a medley of eclectic tracks that perfectly syncs up with the raspy and clickety sounds of street-boarding on pavements, the hollow scrapes and satisfying smacks when landing tricks to the booming thuds from ramps.

Featured talents include members from the Palace Skateboards team, including notable names such as Lucien Clarke, Blondey McCoy, Heitor Da Silva, Benny Fairfax and more.

Watch Austin Bristow’s “Portiions” video above.