Aurora IP unlocks the FDI flow into Nam Dinh province

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Aurora IP

Aurora IP
Aurora IP

HANOI, Vietnam, Aug. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In recent years, Nam Dinh, the cradle of Vietnam’s textile industry, is emerging as one of the key northern industrial provinces, contributing significantly to the whole country’s foreign investment flow which reached more than $14 billion in the first half of 2022, according to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

As part of the country’s efforts to attract more foreign capital investment, Nam Dinh province recently has carried out many synchronous and effective decisions in creating a favorable business environment for foreign investors. In 2021, the province granted new investment registration certificates and adjusted capital increase or 75 projects with a total registered capital of nearly $3.1 billion and $62 million.

That positive result is proven by a series of large projects that have been put into operation and are also being under construction such as Bao Minh Textile Factory Project ($80 million); My Thuan Industrial ($71.5 million); Nam Dinh I BOT thermal power plant ($2 billion), etc.

Among the projects located in the province, Aurora IP developed by one of Vietnam's leading real estate developers Cat Tuong Group, has contributed to unlocking the foreign investment capital flow into the province.

In 2020 only, Aurora IP attracted two large-scale projects with total investment capital of $210 million. The projects include TOPT Textile Ltd and Jehong Textile Vietnam which are expected to go into operation in 2023 and create 3,000 employees.

Oriented to be a green - clean - sustainable industrial park and a well-balanced industrial ecological community, Aurora is one of the very few IPs in Vietnam qualified to accommodate fabric-dyeing facilities. Its infrastructure is synchronously designed with the country’s largest capacity of water supply and wastewater system as well as the development of complex social infrastructure.

As the textile industry brings negative environmental impacts, especially water pollution, Aurora’s wastewater treatment system is well designed with a large capacity of 110,000 m3/day night, divided into modules with advanced and synchronous technology, shall ensure the receipt and treatment of all investors’ wastewater before discharging into the environment.

Aurora IP is one of the most attractive industrial real estate projects in the north of Vietnam. Experts believe that environmental-friendly production will be an inevitable trend in the green growth strategy.

The initial success of the Aurora IP project and the likes is the foundation for the province to set goals in 2022: GRDP growth of 8.5%-9.5%.

“We at Cat Tuong Group understand that the development of Aurora IP will actively contribute to the overall development of the province in attracting foreign investment. Aurora IP has been constantly striving to become an investment destination with the best services and utilities and a model industrial park for the sustainable development of the garment and textile industry in particular and the manufacturing industry in Vietnam in general,” said Mr. Tran Quoc Viet - Chairman & CEO of Cat Tuong Group.