If Your Aura Is Green, Here's Exactly What That Means

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Everything You Need to Know About Green AurasGetty/Margie Rischiotto

Walk into a crowded room, and you can feel the energy of the people in there in a palpable way. Some people are magnetic, attracting you with positivity that is hard to escape. Some people fill you with a sense of sadness, and maybe your body starts to seek refuge in some other part of the room. Everyone has their own energy that surrounds them, and moving around from person to person, you can sense a lot about their emotional state because of the energy they give off. This energy that you can feel is actually visible to some people and to special cameras—it's called an aura.

What is an aura?

Beyond most people’s vision and understanding, our bodies are constantly giving off energy. This radiance is called an aura, and everyone is constantly emitting theirs into the world around them. Our auras emanate from our bodies in a field of energy that gives insight into the state of our lives. An aura, even when invisible, is a great indicator of someone’s vibe—and when someone’s vibe is right (or wrong!), you’ll know it.

An aura can be seen by both special aura cameras and by highly intuitive aura readers. An aura camera takes a photo of the electromagnetic waves given off by the body, which can then be seen and analyzed by anyone. You can interpret the colors and vibes of the field to see what might be happening with the person emotionally or psychically. There are some highly intuitive people who can also see auras, and while they can’t make it visible in the same way that a camera can, they can interpret the aura. An intuitive reading of your aura can help you understand your life in a similar way that horoscopes or a tarot reading might.

Each person’s aura is defined by its color. Some auras are monochromatic, some contain a multitude of colors, and each aura’s color is the characteristic that gives it its meaning. Auras can change over time and in different circumstances; some people like to get a yearly aura photograph taken to observe how theirs have changed. Let’s take a deep dive into the color green in auras.

What does a green aura mean?

A green aura is when the predominant, or sometimes the only, color given off by the person is any shade of green. A green aura typically shows up when someone is going through a period of growth, transformation, or healing, or thy're finding and feeling love.

Green is associated with nature, spring, and plant medicine. When our auras are giving off this verdant shade, we are feeling ready to begin again. We can see ourselves moving beyond what has hurt us. If a green aura shows up and one has been feeling a pull to Mother Nature, take advantage of this blessing and make your way to the great outdoors and bask in its glory.

Green is also the color of the heart chakra. It comes up when we are allowing our hearts to be open to love, and when we are feeling a strong sense of love for ourselves or for others. When a green aura is seen, it is a great time to shower the world with a feeling of love, to give into romance, and to treat ourselves with compassion, kindness, and joy.

Green auras come in various shades—let’s look at the three most common ones below.

Emerald Green

An emerald green aura represents the heart chakra being activated, and it's associated with being filled with love. When an emerald green aura surrounds a person, this person is able to open their hearts and provide those around them with compassion and care. An emerald green aura can indicate that romance is in the air, or that your self-love rituals have been particularly potent. Let yourself feel the love when you’re surrounded by an emerald green aura!

Dark Green

A dark green aura shows a period of growth and transformation—or having that period feel stunted and inaccessible. When a dark green aura surrounds a person, they may have entered a time in their life when they’re ready to shed the skin of the past and begin the metamorphosis they’ve been waiting for. It can also mean that while the desire for change is strong, there is something holding them back—resentment and jealousy are the usual culprits. If you’re seeing a dark green aura, think deeply about what in your life needs to change, and then work diligently to change it!

Light Green

A light green aura indicates a time of healing and rejuvenation. Just like spring announces itself with the first green shoots coming out of the ground, a light green aura is showing that you have healed from the harsh cold of winter and are ready to venture out again. The healing may have come from a hug from a friend, a kind word from a stranger, or a creative outlet that has given your heart a warmth it was missing. Enjoy the healing vibes of the light green aura!

When green appears in our auras, pay attention to what it may be telling you. The aura camera or intuitive person who is showing this to you has a message that you should heed— your heart, your present healing, and your future self depend on it.

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