August's Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces Will Spark Emotional Epiphanies

We've all heard the saying "once in a blue moon," but now we'll get to experience one as August 30 delivers a super blue full moon in Pisces.

La luna will sadly not be a lustrous cerulean shade as the phrase simply indicates the rare occurrence of two full moons in one month. The upcoming Pisces moon is also the second super moon of the month, closing out August with a major bang. Taking place in the midst of a Venus and Mercury retrograde, a super blue full moon is bound to supercharge your spiritual powers.

Pisces are especially emotional and intuitive, so expect to be deep in your feelings as the lines separating the physical and spiritual realms will blur. While seeing 11:11 on your microwave might not mean much, pay attention to your dreams, certain coincidences and messages you may get from those close to you as well as your own intuition. This particular lunation will also prove to you that embracing your sensitive side will be the key to your success.

A watery Pisces full moon at the start of strong and steady Virgo's season invites you to tune into your subconscious for a better reality. Our deep-seated desires and beliefs guide our thoughts and actions more than we realize, so harness the energy of the full moon to free yourself from the emotional anchors holding you back. Jupiter is also teaming up with Uranus, forcing us to take a good hard look at ourselves and own up to how we've been selling ourselves short. You can't become the person you ned to be by holding onto versions of yourself you've outgrown.

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Resting in your 12th house of subconscious, the Pisces super blue full moon is asking you to think critically about what your inner voice is telling you. If you're plagued by negative self-talk and struggling to live your best life, allow the full moon to cleanse you of those insecurities and shift your mindset to a more balanced and positive one. Remember, you can't hate yourself into someone you love. Take some time to jot down affirmations that truly resonate with you.


The Pisces blue moon is in your 11th house of networking and community, shifting your attention to your social circle. With the start of a new season, don't be afraid to reevaluate your connections. While it can be scary letting go of friends, prioritize your relationship with yourself above all else. Going it alone is tough, but have faith that you're making room for bonds and experiences that don't drain you.


Shining a light in your 10th house of career, the super blue full moon in Pisces could bring a major change in your professional life. Perhaps, you've been feeling a bit stuck at your current gig or maybe you're not getting the appreciation your hard work deserves. Although you may seemingly be at a lull right now, stay patient as the ongoing chaos in the cosmos will prove to be working in your favor in the future and a door to better and brighter opportunities just might open.


The super blue full moon in Pisces falls in your ninth house of travel and philosophy, encouraging you to rethink the morals and values guiding your actions. All of us are subject to harmful societal conditioning, so rid yourself of the unnecessary shame and baggage that wasn't yours to begin with. You're allowed to write your own rules to life.


The full moon is in your eighth house of intimacy, investment and taboos. Have you been compromising your sense of self for other people's comfort? While you're not one to people please, you pride yourself on your relationships and would do anything for your tribe. Let the super blue moon serve as a reminder to be vulnerable and intimate with yourself first and distance yourself from anyone or anything that doesn't align with your most authentic self.


Relationships are top of mind for you as the full moon is in your seventh house of partnerships. With Venus and Mercury retrogrades ruining everyone's love life, it may be wise to wait on forming any new unions. A Pisces super blue moon will inevitably lead to a breakthrough, so embrace that energy and reflect on the unspoken rules guiding your approach to love. It may be time to flip the script.


The super blue full moon in Pisces is in your sixth house of routine and wellness, asking you to look at your daily habits under a new light. It's no secret that the rat race can get monotonous, so don't make it more boring by holding onto tasks that make you miserable. Use the full moon to reinvigorate your everyday regimen into one that fulfills and refreshes you.


Your fifth house of creativity and romance is warming up, inviting you to seek out glimmers of hope and love everywhere. Romance isn't just about the birds and the bees as the full moon is inspiring you to embody your inner child and look at every nook and cranny of your life with rose-colored glasses. Whether it's making an elaborate cup of coffee in the morning or complimenting a stranger, this is your sign to romanticize your life.


The full moon in Pisces is getting cozy in your fourth house of domesticity, inviting you to do the same. It's hard to lay your weary head to rest if the environment you're in isn't all that comfortable. Take stock of both your external and internal home, making sure to declutter any debris that is taking up too much space. This may look like silencing nagging thoughts, getting rid of that jealous friend or brightening up your place.


Your third house of communication comes into focus on this full moon, forcing you to examine how you speak to others as well as yourself. As the zodiac's natural leader and go-getter, you're never afraid to say what's on your mind and may often find yourself giving advice. Sometimes, this can come off as telling other people what to do. Remember, actively listening is a form of communication and allow your friends to navigate their own canon events. Likewise, you can be your own worst critic. It would be in your best interest to rewrite the narrative in your head and choose words of kindness.


The Pisces full moon is in your second house of income, nudging you to address your finances. It's understandable if you're operating from a scarcity mindset right now as we're all tightening our purse strings and counting every cent. However, adopting a mindset of abundance just might be the challenge the cosmos is presenting you with. As a forward-thinking sign, your mind is always on the future, which can sometimes make things seem more daunting. Rather than looking at what lies ahead with dread, imagine and manifest all the ways you can and will be making money in the months to come.


It's your time to shine Pisces as the super blue full moon is in your first house of self. Carve out a good chunk of time on August 30 for some introspection, asking yourself how you may be playing small and what you can do to step into your power with more confidence. Your intuition will be at an all time high, so use that to your advantage and stay open to any downloads from the universe you may receive.