August Library exhibition showcases new local photographer

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The Strathmore Municipal Library has introduced its art exhibition for the month of August, featuring a new face in town who is excited to be a part of the community.

Ajirireloja Semiloore has resided in Strathmore with his family for the past four months after moving from Abuja, Nigeria. On display now at the library is a series of six photographs introducing his photography style to the community.

“Basically, my art style is kind of like, photographs of mainly just landscapes and compositions and things that I find interesting,” said Semiloore. “A lot of the pictures, apart from the basketball hoop, were taken back home in Nigeria. I like to say that my art style focuses on something I like to call dreamy realism, which is basically … I’m trying to create a dreamscape in my photography, but it is grounded in reality.”

Semiloore’s photographic goal is not to look fake, while still encouraging the viewer to feel as though they are transported into a dream world or a fantasy.

“Photos are really important to convey a mood. It helps journaling how you see something and how it makes you feel,” said Semiloore who explained that photography has been a long-time interest of his, prior to when he got his start working with the medium more regularly in 2017.

To Semiloore, the camera is something he loves and that calls to him, and he finds an excuse to practice whenever he is able. Even if no one else likes appreciates his work, he shoots for his own enjoyment that which he finds interesting. If he is able to share that with others, it’s a bonus.

“Displaying in a gallery, it’s something I’ve always wanted … I always thought it’d be cool to have my stuff in glass,” said Semiloore. “When I moved to Strathmore a couple months ago I was looking for the library because I also love to read … and I walked into the office to find out about how to participate in the gallery.”

Semiloore’s ultimate goal with photography is to go professional, as he sees the medium as more than just a hobby and “not something (he) takes lightly.”

“I put a lot of effort into my work and I hope that someday I can make a career out of it,” he said.

Aside from his interest in shooting landscape, Semiloore also dabbles in fashion and portrait photography whenever presented with the opportunity to do so.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times