Aubrey Plaza Knows We're All Giggling At Her Emmys Dress

 Aubrey Plaza Emmys.
Aubrey Plaza Emmys.

Aubrey Plaza not only knows how to tell a joke, but also how to take one.

The White Lotus actress wore a gold Loewe gown to the annual Emmy awards, complete with a giant needle threaded through the dress' square-cut top.

The dress quickly took the internet by storm, and potentially not how a celebrity might hope.

Fans were leaping to make memes and jokes about the dress, such as a comment on her Instagram post, "When you got the Emmys at 7, but you're getting a wisdom tooth pulled at 8."

One user wrote, "When ur kindergarten teacher sends u home with a permission slip to sign."

Another said, "I was worried you weren’t gonna post-it."

But Plaza took the jokes with good grace and even included one of the memes on her photo carousel of the Emmys. For the final photo, she included a Sex and the City-related meme of her dress.

Aubrey Plaza Emmys Meme
Aubrey Plaza Emmys Meme

For those unfamiliar with the wide world of Sex and the City, this is a reference to season six, episode seven of Sex and the City, titled “The Post-It Always Sticks Twice." In the now classic episode, Carrie Bradshaw's boyfriend Jack Berger dumps her via a yellow Post-It that reads, simply, "I'm sorry, I can't. Don't hate me."

This ended up being one of the most memorable episodes of the series, as, naturally, Carrie does not take this news well.

There's no doubt that Plaza must be a fellow Sex and the City fan to recognize the importance of this Post-It, and honestly, I think they should print it on the dress itself and do a re-wear at some point.

Aubrey Plaza Emmys Meme
Aubrey Plaza Emmys Meme

Only further increasing her coolness factor, this isn't the only meme Plaza shared of her now-viral dress. She shared another of her posing with her Spin Me Round costar Debby Ryan, as well as one that simply reads, "Don't forget to change your air filter." (Thanks for the reminder, by the way!)

One meme that wasn't shared by the actress (but is definitely worth seeing) is by Kraft Singles, which replaces the dress' square bodice with a slice of cheese.

Please excuse me while I spend the rest of the day chuckling over memes of Plaza's dress and sending them to her on Instagram. I know she can take the joke, and that's why we love her.

Aubrey Plaza Emmys Meme
Aubrey Plaza Emmys Meme

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