Attentive Upstate college student helps cops find, arrest stalker

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About a week ago, a Furman University student reported to campus police that she was being followed by a man driving a white sedan.

They obtained a picture of the car and learned the owner’s name. And Furman police said they learned much more: That the car’s owner had been accused of stalking other women.

Authorities discovered two pending warrants from July alleging breach of peace. The warrants say he followed two women out of a Target in Greenville County and then continued to follow them in his car as they drove away.

The women said the man pulled beside them at a traffic light and performed a sex act. The women got his license plate number and called 911.

Furman Police increased patrols on the 800-acre campus and issued a trespass notice against the man. They sent his photo to students, faculty and staff and described him as 28 years old, 6 feet tall with brown hair. They told everyone to be on the lookout for a new Toyota Corolla, but warned “do not approach.”

Three days after the student reported the incident, deputies arrested Brandon Hayes Reser on two counts of breach of peace.

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