Your attention, please: The NFL would like you to know that NFL teams are back to work

The NFL is never really out of the sports-news headlines. Sure, the Super Bowl was over two months ago, but since then the league has held its annual scouting combine, free agency opened, the spring league meetings convened and concluded, and the buildup to the draft will continue until, well, the draft happens.

But in case you’d forgotten for even a moment that NFL football exists, NFL teams were in full social media blitz mode on Monday to remind you that the vast majority of teams kicked off their offseason workout programs.

Von Miller and the Denver Broncos began their offseason workout program on Monday, and Denver, like all NFL teams, was eager to remind you that players have returned to work. (Broncos Twitter)

The evidence:

The one team that couldn’t post any “hey, look at us! We’re still here!” photos was the Green Bay Packers. Though it’s April 16, Green Bay had to delay its start thanks to a blizzard that brought two feet of snow to the city.

The offseason program last nine weeks total, with three phases, as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement. Phase one last two weeks, and consists only of strength and conditioning work, and rehab.

Phase two is three weeks, and sees teams begin on-field workouts. But those workouts, as with all offseason workouts, cannot involve contact. Phase two includes individual player instruction and drills; there cannot be live drills pitting the offense against the defense.

Phase three is the final four weeks, when teams are allowed to hold 10 days of organized team activities, or OTAs. Seven-on-seven, 9-on-7, and 11-on-11 drills are allowed, but again, there are no pads and there is not supposed to be contact.

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