Attention Everyone Wondering Whether the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Got Raises Ahead of Season 11...

Vanderpump Rules was all pretty much anyone could talk about last year thanks to the Scandoval of it all—to the point where random people were soliciting the resident Bravo fans in their lives for all the drama (IT WAS EXHAUSTING). According to Variety, the season 10 reunion was the most watched Bravo episode “of any series in more than nine years” plus the show was “the most watched cable series of 2023” and “the fastest growing unscripted series” of the year.

So yeah, the cast...understandably expected a raise between season 10 and season 11. But did they get one?

Executive producer Alex Baskin spoke to the Los Angeles Times about contract negotiations among the cast, saying, “This is as hard as it’s ever been because typically, we have a rate card, a tenure card, we’ve used in prior seasons. There are all sorts of asks across the board. Something like a producer credit is off the table because that isn’t something that we could open up. But otherwise, I knew that it would take a little bit of time for the cast expectations to settle.”

vanderpump rules season 11
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He added that “a lot of the time, too, we are making sure that they’re aware of the state of the industry and the fact that shows are challenged these days. Their point is, rightfully, ‘You guys are touting the show’s success. Where is our piece of that?’ Those are tough conversations.”

At the end of the day though, Alex says everyone (other than Rachel Leviss) “wanted to come back” and he confirmed the cast got a salary bump. “Everybody did better than what they had previously gotten.”

So how much does the VPR cast make? According to the Hollywood Reporter, they went through contract negotiations in 2017 and 2018 that guaranteed $25,000 per episode. Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump was asked about Rachel Leviss’s salary by TMZ and revealed she made $361,000 total for season 10.

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