The 'Atlanta Magnet Man' Is a Tire-Saving Hero

magnet on roadway
The 'Atlanta Magnet Man' Is a Tire-Saving HeroAtlanta Magnet Man/YouTube

Alex Benigno is known as the ‘Atlanta Magnet Man’ thanks to the magnetized trailer he has attached to his bicycle. He rides his bicycle and trailer around the Atlanta area picking up metal debris before it can cause damage to car and motorcycle tires. He rides about ten miles per day and picks up an average of six pounds of metal, per WABE.

Benigno first got the idea during the pandemic, when motorists were staying off the roads, the local news station reports. Even with reduced traffic, his car and motorcycle tires were getting punctures due to metal fragments on the road. He felt that when traffic returned to normal, the problem was only going to get worse and more motorists would be affected. So, he took it upon himself to come up with a solution.

After months of testing, Benigno came up with a trailer that has a brush and a row of magnets attached to it. He hitches the trailer to his bike and as he rides around the Atlanta area nails, screws, and even the occasional bullet are picked before they end up causing a flat tire. Anyone who has ever had to suffer through the expense and inconvenience of a flat can surely appreciate what Benigno is doing.

"We can lift these nails and screws from our streets and prevent them from taking that which we hold most dear, our time, our money, and our precious tires," Benigno wrote in a statement posted to Instagram.

In a two-month period, Benigno said he's collected over 410 pounds of metal debris from Atlanta roadways. He reportedly donates all the metal he collects to local artists in the area. He provides this service in his spare time and doesn’t charge anything for it. He is simply trying to help his fellow commuters. He does have a GoFundMe campaign established as he is looking to expand his efforts to clean up bike lanes. He is hoping to raise funds to develop his prototype bike lane sweeper.

The saying that not all heroes wear capes certainly applies to Benigno. There is no telling how many tires he has saved thanks to his clever and selfless acts. And even if it has only saved a single tire, the effort has been worth it.

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