Ashutosh Rana Tests COVID Positive After First Vaccine Dose

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Actor Ashutosh Rana has tested positive for COVID-19 days after receiving his first dose of vaccine. He informed his followers in a Facebook post written in Hindi.

His post reads, "Humara shareer ek durg ki bhanti hota hai jisme nau dwaar hote hai, unn nau dwaar ke bhitar viraajmaan param chetna, unki raksha krne vaali shakti ko durga kahan jaata hai" (Our body is like a fortress with nine gates, and those gates are guarded by Lord Durga)

He then wrote about the significance of the day since it marks the Indian New Year, also referred to as 'chaitra navratri'.

Ashutosh assures that he has faith that he will get better soon. He added, "There's nothing better than finding out that you're suffering from an illness on such an auspicious day. This is Durga's blessing that I found out on this day that I am covid positive, I have embarked on the journey to get better." (as translated)

He also confirmed that his family has gotten tested and urged everyone who came in contact with him to get tested, "I also got my whole family tested that will be reported tomorrow. But all the friends, well-wishers, fans who have come in contact after 7 April are requested to get tested fearlessly."

Extending his greetings for the festival and wishing for everyone's safety, he concluded, "With greetings for the new year, I also pray to Shiva and Parvati to keep everyone health, happy, and safe. I also hope they bless everyone with longevity so life can be successful and meaningful."

Ashutosh and wife Renuka Shahane had received the first dose of the COVID vaccine earlier this month. Renuka had shared the update on her Twitter where she wrote (as translated), "Today we took the vaccine's first dose. Get the vaccine, wear a mask, maintain social media, and sanitize your hands."

Please note:

Virologists explain it is important to remember that vaccines will protect against disease and not from infection. Taking a vaccine does not guarantee you won't get the infection, but it ensures the infection does not cause severe disease. It's also important to understand the partial protection kicks in two weeks after the first dose and full protection kicks in 2 weeks after the second dose.

Since COVID symptoms have a long incubation period, it's possible people got exposed to the virus before inoculation or within the first two weeks of the inoculation

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