Ashley Graham shares her postpartum hair loss struggles in new candid makeup-free selfies

We love Ashley Graham for a lot of things, but her honesty to tell it like it is has got to be her best attribute. We've seen her get real about everything from stretch marks (I mean, who doesn't relate?) to body confidence, and we thank her for it.

Her recent conversation topic is her struggle with postpartum hair loss. It's been estimated that 40% of women in the UK face the same issue in the three months that follow the birth of their child, so we're thankful she's taking part in the conversation.

The model recently shared a series of candid makeup-free selfies on Instagram which documented her stages of regrowth. The caption: "I mean at least it’s growing #postpartumhairloss" – she's not wrong.

Followers flooded her comments with messages of support after suffering from the same issue.

"Omg, I thought I am the only one looking like this 😅😅😅 I feel so much better now, thank you for being so transparent with your postpartum journey."

"This speaks to me! Currently getting my hair back..slowly!."

It's not the first time the mother-of-three has spoken out about postpartum hair loss. After the birth of her son Isaac in 2020, she revealed in an interview that her "whole hairline fell out" four months after. She described the experience as "more traumatic than even birth" after discovering her "hair falling out in clumps".

If we didn't already think having a baby was hard work, this definitely confirms it. Also, if you needed a sign to get your mum an extra Christmas present, this would be it. You probably ruined her hairline, after all.

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