Ashley Graham’s new micro fringe faux-pixie hairstyle is impossibly cool

ashley graham micro fringe
Ashley Graham’s micro fringe faux-pixie is so modAxelle/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

Ashley Graham's latest shoot has *so* much to talk about. Just everything. It's giving... everything. The corset, the pose, the hazy black and white shot. Look, we know we may throw the word 'striking' around here a lot on the Como beauty team. It's not our fault. We get excited. But this image really is striking, and the hair is *chefs kiss*.

Channelling 60s mod boy, the style is peak androgynous cool. Ashley's signature long hair has been switched out for a choppy micro-fringe, poking out from under a black beret, which we presume we have to thank for the "Paint me like one of your French girls 👩🎨" caption.

With the sneaky beret's help to obscure, we at first took this to be a pixie cut, but swiping to the second picture, you can make out a soft low bun at the nape of the neck. So, we're dubbing it a 'faux-pixie'.

Whether the micro-fringe is real – or a clip on, like Khloé Kardashian's recent bangs trickery – we don't know. But the hat would be the perfect way to do that with ease...

Either way, we can't imagine any other hairstyle to perfectly capture the energy of the shoot, with its contrasting hyper femme elements like the corset, and masculine injections like the oversized shirt.

Not to mention how the pixie effect makes her cheekbones pop so hard the word pop doesn't even feel appropriate. And that jawline? This whole image just needs to calm down. The people can't cope. Put it in the National Portrait Gallery and be done with it.

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