The Art of Scholarships Helps Students Obtain Much-Needed Scholarships in a Time Where Mounting College Costs Are at an All-Time High

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CHARLOTTE, NC / ACCESSWIRE / January 26, 2022 / The American educational system has been riddled with problems that have still yet to be solved - one being the rising cost of obtaining a college education. With the average cost of college being $35,720 per year, the financial burden many students face has given rise to the importance of scholarships. One organization hopes to curb student's financial issues by providing college counseling services and helping them find the right scholarship for their specific needs. This organization is none other than The Art of Scholarships.

The problem that students often face today is the level of difficulty that comes with finding scholarships that match their qualifications and then applying to them. "Applying to scholarships is an art - a student needs to be a great storyteller and jump off the page. We teach our clients how to go from being rock stars in person to rock stars on paper. We also teach our clients how to create unique searches to find scholarships matching their demographics," explained India.

Founded by India Prather, Esq., The Art of Scholarships' methods are based on India's own 14 years of applying to scholarships for college and law school. India received a merit-based scholarship (valued over $200,000 ) to Wake Forest University, and won over $50,000 in outside private scholarships, including a Coca-Cola Scholarship.

While in law school, India garnered similar success. She received a partial-merit scholarship to attend the University of Miami School of Law and won 8 out of 9 law school scholarships she applied for. India's repeated success in winning scholarships makes her the definitive authority in the area and is the reason why The Art of Scholarships has been able to help many other students obtain similar success.

Studies suggest that a typical student usually only applies to 3-4 scholarships. However, The Art of Scholarships' students typically find and apply to 20+ scholarships, significantly increasing their chances of winning. The Art of Scholarships also helps students enhance their writing techniques for college and scholarship applications. Several of India's clients' success stories include: admission to Princeton University; a $40,000 merit-based scholarship to the University of Tennessee (Knoxville); and a Coca Cola Scholar Semi-Finalist. More impressively, India's negotiation advice helped a law student secure an additional $45,000 in merit-based scholarships.

For students ready to start their scholarship journey, they should consider starting off with The Art of Scholarship's Scholarship Squad! By joining the Squad, students receive immediate access to India's database of hand-picked scholarships and they also receive a monthly scholarship newsletter with writing tips. With the scholarship research already done for them, Squad members save hours each month, dedicating that time to applying to scholarships.

With proper planning, anyone can achieve all the degrees they dream of without taking out numerous loans. In an era where college costs are constantly climbing, learning how to make the most of scholarships is a must for the cost-conscious college student.

Learn more about India Prather, The Art of Scholarships, and/or The Scholarship Squad by visiting the company's official website.

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