Arsenio Hall reveals how late night rival Johnny Carson helped his show succeed

Former late night host Arsenio Hall appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Wednesday, where he talked about The Arsenio Hall Show. He also explained how his late night rival Johnny Carson actually helped him succeed.

“Sometimes Johnny would come across somebody he thought was really great, but he didn't discover talent,” said Hall. “Me being the young guy, I would put on a new Mariah Carey or Will Smith. They would give me names. Like they gave me Usher Raymond once, because I guess Ed knew him from ‘Star Search.’”

Carson had a great relationship with Hall. Even though they competed over the same A-list celebrity guests of the time, both hosts knew they could co-exist because their shows were so distinctly different.

“To know that not only he doesn't hate me, but he tries to help me because the paths were so divided, so distinctly divided,” said Hall. “You know you knew who a Johnny guest was, and you knew who an Arsenio guest was.”