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Arlo video doorbells are up to half off right now

The wire-free Essential doorbell is down to $100.


An Arlo doorbell will work with Alexa, the Google Assistant, Siri, Samsung's SmartThings or IFTTT integrations. Unlike some smart home devices, Arlo plays nice. And right now, you can save $100 on the brand's wire-free version of the Essential Video Doorbell at Amazon. That's half off the usual $200, bringing it down to $100 in either the white or black casing. You can also get the same discount through Arlo's site directly.

Get half off a no-wires-required video doorbell from a brand that works with whichever smart home assistant you prefer.
$100 at Amazon

The rechargeable battery inside makes the unit easy to install, particularly if your front entry isn't already wired for a doorbell. It connects directly to your WiFi and delivers a wide, head-to-toe view of who or whatever is at your door to your smartphone or smart display. The view goes all the way to the ground so you can see packages and the built-in mic and speaker lets you both hear and talk to visitors.

If you'd rather go with wires, the wired Essential Video Doorbell is 47 percent off, bringing that unit down to $80. Not only do you save $20 over the sale price of the wire-free unit, you also never have to recharge the battery. Just be sure your doorbell wiring delivers at least 16V. Our senior editor ran into that snag when he installed a wired Arlo doorbell in his new house. After upgrading his existing transformer, he appreciated the coverage and peace of mind he got from the doorbell along with a few Arlo Pro 3 security cameras.

The latest model of Arlo's outdoor Pro camera, the Pro 5S, gives you 2K HDR video and is 20 percent off right now, for a tidy $50 savings. You can also save 27 percent on a two pack of the outdoor Essential Spotlight Camera. Like the Pro 5S, they offer a spotlight, two-way audio, night vision and direct-to-WiFi connectivity, but with a lower resolution at 1080p and a slightly narrower field of view at 130 degrees.

Arlo's wired indoor cams are also on sale, with a 20 percent discount bringing those down to $80. That's not as great of a deal as we saw on the cameras last month, but still might ease the cost of entry to creating a home with video coverage inside and out.

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