Arkane Lyon is making a Blade game and we're all very excited

This is the developer behind Deathloop, Prey and, uh, Redfall.

Bethesda/Marvel Games

Arkane Lyon, the developer of Deathloop, is making a game based on Marvel’s resident vampire hunter Blade. There’s a trailer, but it’s just a cinematic with no gameplay. Still, this is very exciting news as Arkane Lyon is the talented team behind Prey and the Dishonored 2. It also made the vampire shooter Redfall, which had some good ideas that were marred by, well, some very bad ideas. Here’s hoping the second time’s a holy watered charm.

This doesn’t have anything to do with Marvel’s upcoming Blade film, which has been in and out of development hell these past few years. It’s an original game set in Paris that adapts the comic book character. Arkane calls it a mature single-player adventure, so it's likely to feature more gore than other Marvel games because, well, that’s kind of Blade’s whole bag. As usual, Marvel Games is on board, as VP and creative director Bill Roseman took the stage at The Game Awards after the trailer reveal.

Marvel is fairly hands-on with its games nowadays, and recent titles like Spider-Man 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy had its stamp of approval. There’s no release date and no announced platforms for Blade, though the entire team at Arkane Lyon is currently “pouring so much love” into the game.