Malaika Arora Says Arjun Kapoor Claimed Can't do Yoga, I'm not Flexible, But Now He Enjoys it

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A couple of years ago, on Neha Dhupia’s podcast, Malaika Arora had said that boyfriend Arjun Kapoor is not good at yoga at all. One of the most popular celebrity yoga enthusiasts in the country, Malaika had rated Arjun with a zero for his yoga skills. But the actor seems to have made significant progress since then, as Malaika says yoga has made a big difference to his flexibility.

When asked if Arjun’s yoga skills have improved, Malaika told News18, “That’s still a work in progress. He has certainly has (improved). He was somebody who used to say, ‘I can’t do yoga, because I’m not flexible’. That’s his constant, that ‘I’m not flexible, I can’t do yoga’. But now with time, having done X number of classes, he has realized what a big difference it has made to his flexibility. Overall, he just enjoys it. He always does five-six days of his hardcore workout, and then one day or two days a week, he says ‘I need to do yoga because I need to just get my body aligned’.”

Malaika is leading a campaign called #StartTohKaro ahead of International Day of Yoga on June 21. It’s an initiative the yoga-based wellness platform Sarva, founded by Malaika and her partner Sarvesh Shashi, to motivate people to begin their fitness journey. One of the people in need of motivation right now is Malaika’s sister Amrita Arora, who posted about having neglected her fitness and gained 8 kilos recently.

“My sister has always been somebody who’s enjoyed working out. She loves being fit, she loves being a certain way. But I think the last couple of years has really taken a toll and not she’s just not been able to go back to that level of fitness. She is aware of it. She says, ‘I can’t help it, the kids take up so much time. I just don’t have time for myself.’ So I think you need to actually be able to finally break that cycle and say ‘I need to make time for myself, irrespective of what it is. This one is hour is for me, whether it is for fitness or gardening or anything. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. But it’s a start. That’s why we say ‘Start toh karo,’ then see where it goes,” Malaika says.

She also adds that it all comes down to mental strength to keep oneself motivated, and having people around who encourage is also a great help. “Everybody’s struggles are different. Everybody has different reasons and excuses. But it’s all in the head. If you can actually move forward from that, it will really help. Of course, it also helps to be surrounded by people who can motivate you, who can give you that encouragement,” adds Malaika.

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