Ariel Roblin: Community members in Davis show make a difference with their engagement

Davis, California is known for a lot of things. Picnic Day, biking, and the home of numerous Nobel Prize awards. But the past few weeks, the UC Davis campus and community were in the spotlight for a string of deadly stabbing attacks. Two members of the Davis community lost their lives and another is on a long road to recovery. As law enforcement pieced together the evidence the community stayed engaged, followed developments and understood they had an opportunity and responsibility to help to identify the attacker, and that's exactly what happened. The quick actions of dozens of Davis community members led to an arrest just days after the first attack. Instead of becoming a story of more tragedy, it developed into a story about how to make a difference in your community. Witnesses even called the KCRA newsroom as developments were unfolding, allowing us to document the moment and ultimately ease community fears by showing the arrest.