Ariana Grande is officially divorced. Here's what her real-estate agent ex-husband got out of the prenup.

Ariana Grande is officially divorced. Here's what her real-estate agent ex-husband got out of the prenup.
  • Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez's divorce was finalized on Tuesday.

  • A Los Angeles Superior Court dissolved the marriage and asked Grande to pay $1.25 million to her ex.

  • Gomez and Grande signed a prenuptial agreement, which allowed the divorce to proceed smoothly.

Ariana Grande will pay ex-husband Dalton Gomez over $1.25 million as part of their divorce, which was finalized on Tuesday.

Grande married the real-estate agent in their former home in Montecito, California, in 2021, just over a year after they started dating. In September 2023, the pair filed for divorce.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge officially dissolved their marriage on Tuesday. The divorce proceeded quickly through the court system because the pair had no children and had signed a pre-nuptial agreement.

The settlement, which was agreed in October 2023 and seen by Business Insider, ordered Grande to make a one-time payment of $1.25 million to Gomez and pay up to $25,000 toward his attorney fees. Grande won't have to pay alimony.

Dalton will also receive half of the proceeds from selling their LA home, one of several properties Gomez has bought over the years.

Celebrity divorces without a prenup can be costly since assets can be split up to 50/50.

CNBC reported it was estimated that Arnold Schwarzenegger, who didn't sign a prenup before his marriage to Maria Shriver, paid between $250 million and $375 million after their divorce in 2011. MacKenzie Bezos, now Mackenzie Scott, also didn't sign a pre-nup before marrying Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, meaning she received a partial stake in the company, reportedly worth $38 billion, when they divorced in 2019.

Grande's net worth was reported to be $72 million in 2020

Before Grande and Dalton married, Grande's net worth in 2020 was $72 million, according to Forbes. Celebrity Net Worth reported that the singer is currently worth $240 million, but Business Insider was unable to verify that figure.

A side-by-side image of Lilly Jay and Ethan Slater at a 2018 event, and Ariana Grande in 2020.
Lilly Jay and Ethan Slater at a 2018 event, left; right, Ariana Grande in 2020.Jenny Anderson/Getty Images for Tony Awards; David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Grande was caught in controversy last year when multiple outlets reported that she was dating her "Wicked" costar Ethan Slater before her split from Gomez had been officially announced. Gomez and Grande had quietly separated in January 2023, eight months before their divorce filing.

Cheating rumors arose after Slater's estranged wife, Lilly Jay Slater, who had a child with Slater in 2023, criticized Grande in an interview with Page Six.

Neither Grande, Slater, nor Gomez have addressed the rumors.

Earlier in March, Grande released her seventh album, "Eternal Sunshine," which fans believe references her relationships with Gomez and Slate.

Representatives for Grande and Gomez did not immediately respond to Business Insider's comment request.

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