Ariana Grande Gets Real About Her Relationship With Botox and Fillers

A-listers are rarely forthcoming about the series of cosmetic procedures and enhancements they've had or the after-effects. However, Ariana Grande has recently opened up about her Botox and filler injections in the most candid way.

The singer and r.e.m. Beauty founder dished the deets in a Vogue "Beauty Secrets" video while sharing her skincare and makeup routine. "Full transparency, I've had a ton of lip filler over the years and Botox," the star says in the clip. "I stopped in 2018 'cause I just felt so . . . too much. I just felt like hiding, you know?" During the confessional, the Grammy winner holds back tears and adds, "For a long time, beauty was about hiding for me, and now I feel like it's not."

"I stopped getting fillers and Botox, and maybe I'll start again one day, I don't know, to each their own. Whatever makes you feel beautiful, I do support," Grand says. "But for me, I was just like, 'Oh, I wanna see my well-earned cry lines and smile lines.'"

Grande's experience is a testament to the ongoing conversation of aging. As we all approach our late twenties and early thirties, it can be challenging to embrace our natural selves in a world dominated by social media. However, remember that "beauty is within," and keeping that in mind will always help you make the best decisions for yourself and what you want to enhance.

But, we also want to preface the statement by saying that there's nothing wrong with receiving fillers and Botox either. The girls that get it, get it.