Ariana Grande is feuding with Gwen Stefani's husband and it's getting really outrageous

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

Ariana Grande is proving yet again, that she is not to be messed with. The Dangerous Woman singer is in the midst of a very public feud with Gwen Stefani's husband and fellow judge of The Voice, Blake Shelton, and recently took to Instagram to share her most savage take-down yet.

Shelton has made quite a name for himself on the US version of the show for being quite the troublemaker. The country music singer is notorious for ruthlessly making fun of his fellow judges. But it looks like new judge Ari is not standing for it.

She joined the 21st season as the latest judge, and right before her debut Ari shared a post on Instagram, quickly and succinctly taking down Blake. The post showed the infamous Mean Girls clip where Regina George puts herself in the Burn Book in order to frame her fellow plastics, except in Ari's version, Regina's picture was replaced with Blake's.

The good news is, it looks like Blake is taking it all in his stride. He commented on the post, "Ok little buddy.. This is WAR!" - getting over 13,000 likes for the challenge.

This latest post comes a few days after Ari shared a screengrab of a text exchange with Blake in which he sent her an article all about the rumour The Voice producers were looking to replace him, thanks to her joining the show. He accompanied the story saying, "Thanks a lot Ari... Thanks a f***in' lot."

Ari then quietly shared the screengrab at the end of a long photo-dump on Instagram.

Clearly, these two aren't really waging war against each other, but they're really embracing the mock-feud vibe, and we're kind of loving it.

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