Area guide to Fulham: why pizza and two Premier League teams means ‘west is best’ for Bosh! chef Ian Theasby

Ian Theasby co-founded Bosh! with Henry Firth  (Daniel Lynch)
Ian Theasby co-founded Bosh! with Henry Firth (Daniel Lynch)

I have been in London for 12 years and in Fulham for the past three. I’ve done the compass — I was in Shepherd’s Bush first, then Highbury, Mile End, Clapham and now Fulham — but this is where I see myself living for the future.

Fulham has a lot of character and obvious history. The architecture is very stimulating as you can see the history of London just walking down the road.

It’s also greener than other areas. Where I’m from in Sheffield has big, green spaces and Fulham feels similar.

Most of the borough is a cross section of people so you get the extremely well-to-do and the less well off.

It’s diverse; you walk down the street and hear non-British voices and feel part of a global community.

Best eating and drinking

I’m a huge pizza fan but it’s difficult to do pizza well at home without a pizza oven. I love Rossopomodoro on Fulham Road and Pappa Ciccia; if you like pizza, those places are great.

Eat Beirut on New Kings Road does a mean falafel wrap and amazing baba ganoush, and it’s naturally vegan so I can eat most of the things on the menu.

Rossopomodoro comes recommended for pizza lovers (Daniel Lynch)
Rossopomodoro comes recommended for pizza lovers (Daniel Lynch)

In terms of drinking, I love The Duke On The Green, which won UK Pub Of The Year in 1971. You hear news stories about pubs closing but you go in here and it’s a hive of activity with a good atmosphere — plus it’s dog friendly. My tipple is a Guinness.

I also like the Fulham Mitre, which is a bit off the beaten track. It has a decent kitchen, good vegan options and board games, which are great for a cosy, winter’s evening.

Where I work out

The Virgin Active gym on Lillie Road is massive and has a pool. I also like the Gym House on Harwood Road as it has an icehouse, sauna and trainer called James, who knows absolutely everything about fitness.

To commune with nature

Bishops Park is well maintained and big enough to feel like you’re not in a city. I go for a run or a walk there, and my missus is pregnant so it’s a good place to get her out and walking around. It’s also nestled next to the Thames.

I always imagine people in Victorian times in their big clothes taking a walk along the river here.

Luigi’s Deli has been in Fulham for half a century (Daniel Lynch)
Luigi’s Deli has been in Fulham for half a century (Daniel Lynch)

Grocery shopping

There’s something beautiful about going into a fruit and veg shop, and Fulham Greens on New Kings Road is so colourful and fresh. Being a vegan in a vegetable shop is like being a kid in a sweet shop!

Luigi’s Deli on Fulham Road is also a real gem; it’s been open for 50 years and the guys are very friendly. It’s proper Italian food and there’s a ridiculously good selection of Chianti.

Also on Fulham Road is wine merchant Lea & Sandeman. You can get a very good quality bottle of wine there and the staff are extremely knowledgeable.

The Picturehouse cinema occupies an Art Deco building (Daniel Lynch)
The Picturehouse cinema occupies an Art Deco building (Daniel Lynch)

For a culture fix

My girlfriend Sarah and I go to the Picturehouse on Fulham Road as it has a good selection of movies. It’s an Art Deco building with lots of brass and is like something out of The Great Gatsby.

I also like the Finborough Theatre, a small theatre of about 80, which is above a pub. I’ve been to see three shows there, two of which my girlfriend has produced.

Getting around

Where possible, I walk and get my steps up to 10,000 a day. Walking is good because you can listen to music or a podcast, or just think.

Failing that, I do the Lime bikes if it’s raining and zip up to White City or our Bosh! offices on the Hammersmith roundabout.

If I’m going to central London, nine times out of 10 I go on the Tube as there are three stations near me: Brompton Road, Baron’s Court and Fulham Broadway.

Bishops Park is Nestled right next to the Thames (Daniel Lynch)
Bishops Park is Nestled right next to the Thames (Daniel Lynch)

Dream street

Musgrave Crescent, overlooking Eel Brook Common. The houses there are old and spacious and have character. Plus, it’s just off King’s Road but very quiet and near Stamford Bridge.

Something you only see in Fulham

Two Premier League football teams in one area code: Fulham and Chelsea in SW6.

What’s the catch?

Airplane noise is real. Having lived in the east, I really noticed it at first but after a while you get used to being on the flight path to Heathrow.

Chelsea is one of two top football teams in town (Daniel Lynch)
Chelsea is one of two top football teams in town (Daniel Lynch)

Three words

West is best. And this is from someone who has lived on all points of the compass.

Bosh! Meat, by Henry Firth and Ian Theasby (, is available from HQ, HarperCollins now.


St John’s Walham Green Church of England School, Holy Cross RC School and All Saints are all rated Good primary schools, while Lady Margaret School is an Outstanding secondary. Kensington Prep School GDST, Parsons Green Prep and Lycée Francais Charles de Gaulle are also local private school options.

What it costs

Buying in Fulham

Average flat price: £711,750

Average house price: £1,804,710

Renting in Fulham

Average flat price, pcm: £2,990

Average house price, pcm: £5,240

Source: Hamptons & Land Registry