With Archway Homes, “Selling Your House ‘As Is’ Never Felt So Good!”

Archway Homes
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Family-owned and operated Archway Homes buys homes “As Is” in any condition: pretty houses needing little to no repair, houses needing everything repaired from leaking roofs to bad foundations, cluttered houses, or houses in need of cosmetic updating. They do so by providing a no-obligation offer within 24 hours, can pay cash and close within three days or on a future date of the seller’s choice, and there are no fees or commissions to pay.

The company’s proprietors are husband and wife team Jon and Stacy Bichelmeyer, local residents who have earned a stellar reputation from sellers ranging from those selling due to illness, downsizing, facing foreclosure, a job transfer, death of a loved one, or they just don’t want to go through a traditional selling process. “We wrote the book on it. Literally! Home to Home Local Edition – Kansas City Metro outlines the steps homeowners can take to sell their home and our experiences helping people do just that,” Jon said.

For Mike Childs, it was the need to sell a fixer-upper his mother and her husband purchased a few years ago.

“It was an older house that needed a lot of work that they had bought with hopes of refurbishing it themselves,” Childs said. “But as soon as they moved in, his medical conditions worsened, and he passed away before any of the work could be done.”

Childs called several cash homebuying companies, but what he heard was disconcerting. “I remember one conversation where before even looking at it to see the potential, they were telling me what they were going to give me, based on the location and market,” he recalled, “and I did not feel they could realistically base anything just a phone call.”

He had also read an article in the newspaper about Archway Homes. The first thing that caught his eye, was the photo of Jon and Stacy. “The way they were putting themselves out there and representing their company like that, gave me the idea to give them a call,” said Childs. “The office manager immediately got that information to Jon, and by that afternoon we had set up an appointment for him to come out.”

When Jon arrived, he and Childs performed an extensive walk-through of the property, discussing the major improvements that would need to be done, including an old stairwell that had obviously been added by a previous owner after the home was originally built.

“My mother had bought the house during the foreclosure boon, so it did not require a lot of the typical building code inspection rules, but it would have been one of those things that made it difficult to sell if not for Jon’s services,” Childs explained. “His insights, professionalism and explanations helped us better understand the reality of the cost of the repairs, and what the home was truly worth.”

“We have roots in the Kansas City community for over 40 years, and I’ve been buying and selling homes for close to 20 years, long before HGTV inspired the new investors in town,” said Jon, a third-generation real estate investor. “We really care about the people who are selling properties to us, and work hard to make sure that every transaction is a ‘win’ for them.”

Because Childs and his siblings were also named on the title documents of the home—with one sibling living out of state and another out of the country—some of the closing paperwork signatures would need to be done remotely.

“One of the things that impressed me a lot is that although we had a longer [closing] process, Jon called about every 10 days to tell my mother things like, ‘We are still in this, we are not backing away.’ So that was reassuring to her that we did not have to start this process all over again because of hurdles we had to get across with other family members.”

“Selling a property can be a stressful process, regardless of why someone is selling,” Stacy said. “Our experience has given us the ability to remove the hassles for the homeowner. Once we sign a contract with them, we take care of the rest. The whole process is in our hands. With us, selling your house as-is never felt this good!”

Anyone who wants to sell a home quickly for cash should call Jon Bichelmeyer at 913-599-5000 or email him at jon@archwayhomesinc.com. Or they can visit Archway Homes’ website at www.archwaypropertieskc.com to fill out an online form or to get a free copy of our book Home to Home Local Edition – Kansas City Metro, Kansas and Missouri, call our office.

Archway Homes

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