Archie forms a menacing 'Riverdale' vigilante group against the 'Black Hood' killer

Riverdale picked up right where it left off, at last week's cliffhanger in which the masked killer shot Moose. So, Archie Andrews, who already believes the killer is targeting him, decided to start taking some more proactive decisions.

"Maybe we should buy a gun," Archie suggests to his father Fred Andrews, after insisting that the same guy who shot him, shot Moose. However, Fred was adamant about the fact that they will not be keeping any guns in the house. It's a good thing he doesn't know about that piece Dilton Doiley gave Archie last week.

Fortunately, after meeting girlfriend Veronica Lodge's dad, Hiram Lodge, Archie was inspired to come up with a less aggressive plan. "I want us to start a watch group," Archie announces to a group of guys from the football team. After Reggie suggests they "take it to the streets, kick some ass," Archie clarifies that there will be "no weapons, no violence." He tells them, "I'm talking about a patrol. An extra set of eyes and ears for the police… We're called the Red Circle. We hold the line. We're not waiting around for the next attack. From now on, we're protecting our own."

So, when the mysterious killer on the loose sent a letter via snail mail to Alice Cooper, identifying himself as "The Black Hood", and writing, "I am the man who shot the adulterer at Pop's. I killed the child predator in Greendale. I shot the drug and sex-addicted teenagers at Lover's Lane. Riverdale is not innocent. It's a town of hypocrites and degenerates and criminals. My wrath is the price of your lies, your secrets, your sins. I will not stop, I cannot be stopped," Archie and the Red Circle sent back their own threat, which was totally giving up some Liam Neeson Taken vibes. "We're called the Red Circle," said Archie, who was flanked by his masked army in a video posted to YouTube. "We're coming for you. We will find you. We will hunt you. And we will end you." Chills.