Arbill Releases Sustainability and Economic Impact Numbers for The “Together” Mask in Response to Pandemic Pollution

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“Together” masks now tested and proven to offer the utmost protection, lowest environmental impact and lowest cost-per-use on the market

PHILADELPHIA, April 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In advance of Earth Day, April 22, Arbill Industries, Inc. releases key statistics that show the brand’s newest consumer product, the “Together” mask, which achieves high levels of protection and low environmental impact.

Arbill, a U.S.-based, women-owned company industrial safety company that has been providing personal protective equipment to businesses and government agencies for 75 years, began producing its own PPE product line 50 years ago and debuted a consumer line, “Together,” in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Building on our unparalleled experience in protecting workers, we created a mask for everyday people that possesses high filtration levels, a universally first-rate fit and comfortable levels of breathability, because there was not another mask on the market that was effective enough,” said Arbill CEO, Julie Copeland. “Now a year later, it is also important for us to distinguish the “Together” mask among competitors in relation to Pandemic Pollution.”

Advocacy group OceansAsia issued a report last year that estimated 1.6 billion disposable face masks polluted the ocean in 2020 alone, creating a new call for manufacturing companies to create products that do not contribute further to this pollution.

“While disposable masks take nearly 450 years to decompose, the ‘Together’ mask is naturally biodegradable and will decompose in approximately five months,” Copeland said. “We are proud to have created a product that holds not only its shape, comfort and fit after laundering, but one that yields a significantly lower carbon footprint than alternatives.”

Arbill used the European Afnor standard for barrier face coverings and found that the “Together” mask achieves 95% fabric filtration protection while being more breathable and comfortable than disposable medical masks. The masks have also been treated with SILVADUR antimicrobial technology which inhibits the growth of microorganisms in the fabric.

The “Together” mask remains 95% effective up to an average of 10-20 washes and remains 90% effective after 50 washes. With effectiveness lasting up to 50 washes, the masks’ cost per use averages 8 cents, around 1/6 the cost of the cheapest disposable mask available at leading retail stores.

Arbill continues to look to medical and scientific professionals for guidance as products are continually tested and new consumer PPE products are developed.

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About Together
Launched in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Together” was founded by PPE manufacturing leader Arbill Industries. With more than 75 years of experience in protecting industry and government workers, Arbill understood a need for adequate protection for everyday people.

Born out of a timely need for a facial covering that offered unparalleled protection and all-day comfort, the industrial safety experts at Arbill engineered The Safety Mask℠. The first proprietary product in a forthcoming full line of consumer products that all start with an industrial safety standard. “Together” features professional-level protective apparel and accessories available to all.

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About Arbill
As the leading provider of safety services, safety technology and safety products, Arbill is saving lives every day at industrial worksites throughout the United States. An award-winning supplier of all-things safety for more than 75 years, Arbill's clients have counted on Arbill to make sure their employees go home safely after every shift. To assure our clients meet their safety goals, Arbill's safety professionals are revolutionizing the way companies incorporate safety into their daily routines. Through Arbill's comprehensive SafetyCare offering – Arbill provides more than 200,000 safety products (including nearly 1,000 items manufactured under Arbill's highly-respected Truline brand), over 160 Environmental Health and Safety Training Courses and Safety Technologies that pull the entire offering together to create the best in safety. Arbill is a WBENC certified (women owned & certified business), ISO 9001 certified and FDA approved.

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