What April 2023 has in store for your star sign

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Want to know what's in store for your star sign for April 2023? It's all in the cards...


(Five of Wands, Nine of Swords, The Wheel of Fortune)

aries star sign horoscope
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You’re worrying a lot more than you’re letting on about something which has been riddled with conflict, full of confusion, and difficult to get a grip of. Aries, admit your feelings, express them, share the load. The Nine of Swords reveals your achilles heel is your fierce desire to deny vulnerability. And, yet, you are vulnerable. So, ask for help. The Five of Wands shows the only way out of this conflict is through. See it through. The Wheel of Fortune asks you to change your approach, demeanour, outlook, actions. When you do, you will unlock the pathway through this mess. Take it quickly. No more drama. Exit only. Live and learn. Don’t get in this mess again.


(Queen of Wands, The Tower, Four of Cups)

taurus star sign horoscope
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You’re going to endure a close shave this April and, although it might be a bit scary, it will actually awaken you to something (or someone) you don’t want to lose. And it will change your attitude, for the better. The Tower brings about a revelation or event which rocks the boat. The Four of Cups points it towards a relationship, one you have taken for granted, not been that arsed about, and maybe even forgotten. But something happens which reminds you why this was important and what you could potentially lose if you let it go altogether. You realise that is not what you want. So, the Queen of Wands is activated. That will be you on the front foot, being proactive, saving the day, rescuing the relationship, doing what you should’ve done before. It’s not too late. In all, this will be a good thing.


(Five of Swords, King of Wands, Knight of Wands)

gemini star sign horoscope
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You can fight but you’re not a fighter, as such. However, you’re a rational pragmatist and you can see that, in this situation, you might benefit from starting a tussle. It will change the odds, create confusion, stir up the mud… and that is where you are sometimes at your best. Making magic out of the mayhem. The Five of Swords sees this fight has already begun, but in a cold, silent way; all under currents and snide remarks. Gemini, use the dynamic and daring power of the Knight AND King of Wands to bring it all out into the open. You like playing both sides? Play ALL sides. Share what has been going on, provoke a response, demand a reaction. When this is all out there, you can see who needs what, who sides with who, and where the gaps (for you) are. This is how you play this.


(Nine of Coins, Three of Swords, Eight of Swords)

cancer star sign horoscope
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A really powerful personal development occurs for you this April, Cancer, and you realise YOU are the best (if not only) person who can truly defend and protect yourself. For so long, you hoped for a saviour, a hero, a champion. You yearn for security and for allies. Maybe, all along, you were waiting for yourself to come into your own power. The Three of Swords shows you bear your emotional wounds, as do we all. The Eight of Swords shows you see how you can fall prey to the same patterns, false charms, fake friends, and bad habits- time and again. You curse time wasted with toxic people and activities.

Don’t be hard on yourself, Cancer. This epiphany can only come about because of your experience. You have earned this insight, even though it has been hard-won. The Nine of Coins sees you putting it to good use. You make sweeping changes about friends, lovers, investments, spending, work alliances, ambitions, family ties. You start to future-proof yourself and defence is at the heart of it. No more unnecessary mistakes. You’ve lived and you’ve learned.


(Page of Cups, Ten of Cups, The Chariot)

leo star sign horoscope
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This trio of cards seems to spell ‘holiday romance’. Are you going away? Or enjoying a few outings? If not, I’d recommend booking as many as you can! The Chariot is a literal omen of purposeful journeys, excursions, travel, holidays, and location changes. You are on the move, it IS Spring after all and we all feel like broadening our horizons. New scene = new people.

The Page and Ten of Cups bring charismatic Water signs your way - be it for deep friendship or romance. The Ten of Cups is a happy-ever-after love card, so romance does look likely. If you’re happily attached then getting away together this month will be just what you both needed, and may yield an interesting proposal or deepening of your commitment to each other. Travel and fall in love!


(The Hierophant, The Fool, The High Priestess)

virgo sstar sign horoscope
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It’s not often you receive a ‘full house’ of major arcana cards i.e. the power cards of the tarot. April is going to be epic. Are you ready? A new beginning definitely awaits and is the start of this chain reaction of transformation. The Fool is the tarot’s first card and patron saint of exciting and hopeful new beginnings. Make one! The High Priestess shows you already know what this is, deep down, and you have imagined and daydreamed about it for a long time. You are ready. You feel this is right (spoiler- it IS) no matter what anyone else says.

The Hierophant sees you joining a new group and fitting right in - you have found ‘your people’ as they say. This might be work related but it could also be in friendship, community, charity, spirituality, education, or for a good cause or with a like-minded group. The point is to JOIN IN. Don’t do this alone; find a group who are doing it too and contribute. You have so much to offer and you will gain more from this than you can imagine.


(Page of Coins, The Magician, King of Coins)

libra star sign horoscope
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April brings education and professional development that really and truly leads you into a new era of career or even entrepreneurial success and fulfilment. I’m not kidding - this is BIG. The Page of Coins is the student, the eager learner who recognises a skill gap and seeks to fill it. This isn’t a forced course or class, this is something YOU want to do.

The King of Coins shows it’s leading to riches and rewards down the line. You can almost join the dots to see how this will benefit you in your career. The Magician is the creator, inventor and innovator of the tarot. Whatever you learn is not only going to boost your career now but maybe even launch you as a freelance, entrepreneur, solo operator, consultant or business owner! You are about to start flying, my friend!


(The Lovers, The Devil, Nine of Wands)

scorpio star sign horoscope
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Temptation Island, Scorpio. Have you ever been? I think you’re about to touch down so grab a map and a compass! Ideally a moral compass! The Lovers and The Devil both spell temptation. You aren’t sure what or who you want and this is a testing time. If you fall prey to your immediate lusts then you might not like the consequences so think carefully about what you’re committing, or not, yourself to. You need to marry up your head and your heart, to find a balanced position, to feel sure and right about your actions.

Temptation can lead us off elsewhere, but it can also reaffirm that we consciously choose and want to be where we are. Both options are open. The Nine of Wands reassures you it will ALL be okay. Don’t overthink it. You will make the right choice.


(Seven of Coins, Ten of Coins, Two of Coins)

sagittarius star sign horoscope
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A trio of Coins cards sees you working on your health, wealth and work this April. You want to be fit, well, wealthy and happy in your work. Who doesn’t, right? It’s not a lot to ask, is it? No! The Ten of Coins sees you setting exciting, long term goals and ambitions in these areas. You know what you’re aiming for. Now to make it happen!

The Seven of Coins asks you to be brave about making changes. Some things you’ve always liked or done might need tweaking or replacing. Some new ideas are also edging their way into view - welcome them in. The Two of Coins urges you to be abundant, say ‘yes’, do it all, seek variety, and have fun with it. You are ruled by Jupiter, you have a big engine and can get away with overdoing it! Load your plate with good ideas and activities and tuck in. You are going to be busy and blessed.


(Ace of Wands, Six of Coins, Two of Cups)

everything to know about a capricorn and their traits
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New friends. It can get harder to find them, make them, and keep them as you get older. Without the routine of school or college, our lives get more fragmented and busy. But, dear Capricorn, you are going to encounter lots of new potential friends this April, so get ready to collect them! Fire, Earth and Water signs are all involved - in fact the Water sign could become MORE than a friend - just sayin’.

The Two of Cups sees you gaining a new future BFF this April. They will support you always and you’ll feel like you’ve known them for years. The Ace of Wands sees you catching a new partner in crime (not literally). A person who likes doing what you do and is keen to hook up and do said activity. They are great company. The Six of Coins brings you a loving, kind person who nurtures and cares for you. They are rock solid, reliable, and loyal. You value those traits. Enjoy the people you meet!


(King of Cups, Queen of Coins, Two of Swords)

aquarius star sign horoscope
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Decisions need to be made with the procrastinate-no-more Two of Swords. You have dithered about something, perhaps hoping it would sort itself out (I don’t blame you), but enough is enough. You need to act. How to make this choice? Well, the King of Cups asks you to be attune and commune with your emotions (I know it makes you feel icky). How does your body feel when you consider your options? Which one makes you feel expansive, strong, and alert? Which makes you feel tight, tense and shrunken? Go with that bodily intelligence!

The Queen of Coins then urges you to pressure test your favoured option with practical questions, stresses, and considerations. Don’t destroy your plans, but do mitigate any risks or drawbacks. And then, my friend, make your choice. Get on with it. You will feel so much better.


(Three of Coins, Eight of Coins, Strength)

pisces star sign horoscope
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A marvellous breakthrough and opportunity lies just around the corner, and you’re closer than you know, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now. Don’t give up. The Eight of Coins urges you to keep going, trying, pushing and persevering. Why? Because it’s all being noticed and admired. The Three of Coins reveals you have caught the attention of people with influence, people who can offer you a promotion or reward or expansion that will be very welcome indeed. They like what they see, they respect your effort and integrity, they know you are working hard. Strength shows this is a testing time but it will be rewarded. You are also building your emotional resilience and fortitude and that is the real prize, that is what will remain with you for life. You are impressive, Pisces.

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