What April 2024 has in store for your star sign

The bad news is that April is pretty much ALL Mercury Retrograde (1st – 25th April) and we all know about that pesky planet and its tricks. Get through it by double-checking the details and having a plan B when it comes to any major travel, business, tech, or communication tasks.

We got eclipses and supermoons too, so expect to experience heightened emotions and have things you’re working on suddenly speed up and accelerate. Don’t put the brakes on… go with the flow, keep the pace, let the universe propel you forwards. The New Moon in Aries (a supermoon and eclipse) on the 8th April is a powerful intention-setting time. Get manifesting! The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 23rd April will let you see yourself clearly, perceive your growth, notice the changes in you since 2024 began. Taurus season kicks in on the 19th April, a good excuse to splurge and indulge. Live the good life! We’re here to enjoy it, after all.


(The Chariot, Two of Swords, Queen of Wands)

aries star sign horoscope
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Major manifesting and get-it-done vibes all around you this April - it's your sign’s season after all! The Queen of Wands is you - hustling, creating, pitching, inventing, progressing.

You're on a lucky winning streak so keep on playing those big hands. Embrace your good fortune and be risk-positive. The Chariot sees you setting new purpose and goals. You feel you need something stretching and inspiring to work towards, to galvanise you, and you should aim high. Travel is important, too - be it a holiday, location change, home move, new place to visit, or just taking lots of outings. Get out and about and see more of this world!

Come Full Moon, the Two of Swords will ask you to make a big decision. Something you’ve perhaps put off, but now feel ready to tackle, take a chance with, and push ahead on. Choose something different.


(Seven of Wands, Knight of Cups, Two of Wands)

taurus star sign horoscope
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You are experiencing some competitiveness or rivalry in your realm, with the testing Seven of Wands. Perhaps it’s at work, or even among a friendship circle. Or maybe you and your partner are pulling in opposite directions, and you feel there are competing demands on your time.

The Two of Wands needs you to be super focused and clear. Know your ‘big rocks’ and what’s most important, as well as what will matter in the long run. Use that knowledge as a guiding light through this challenging phase. Use it to release unimportant or interfering influences. Use it to align you and whoever it is that really counts. The Knight of Cups asks you to inject fun and pleasure in your relationships too. Remember why you like each other, celebrate it, and simply set out to have more fun. Life can get hard, busy, challenging. Bring back the fun - your season starts this month after all!


(The High Priestess, The Emperor, Temperance)

gemini star sign horoscope
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Three major arcana cards and therefore April is going to be stirring, meaningful, important, and full of significant shifts. Get ready to rock 'n' roll! The High Priestess sees you getting in touch with your true, deep and authentic self. You tune in fully to who you really are, what you’re all about, and your desires in the here and now.

This leads to the next step with The Emperor. Putting your desires, priorities, values, and needs into action, and then manifesting them in real life. You feel powerful because you know what you want. You feel justified and validated in pursuing it all because you already do so much for others.

Serve yourself this April, Gemini. Temperance reveals things will shift and change around you. The world will move to accommodate your new shape so remain resolute, true, and committed to getting what you want. You deserve it. And it’s coming.


(Ace of Swords, Eight of Cups, Justice)

cancer star sign horoscope
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Truth and justice are big themes this April, Cancer. Getting to the bottom of something, perhaps letting the scales fall from your eyes and seeing it for what it is (versus what you wish it was). The Ace of Swords is a revelation, and a deep one. The Eight of Cups is a disappointment, one you already know, but have suppressed or deflected away from because you didn’t want to admit it. There is great relief and release in admitting it, Cancer, so just accept what is. Say it out loud. Know who and what you’re dealing with. The truth is out. You can stop pretending. It was getting exhausting.

Justice shows this is the right course of action and you will be massively vindicated and rewarded for your honesty. The world will change as a result of how you see it. New ways forward will emerge. Start with the truth, and the rest will follow.


(Eight of Swords, The Hierophant, Seven of Cups)

leo star sign horoscope
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A great deal of mental and intellectual activity is going on inside your mind this April, Leo. Shifting perspectives and ideas, new opinions and insights, alternative ways of seeing things, fresh outlooks. The Eight of Swords starts this process via a recognition of a bad mental habit that trips you up and creates negativity. You notice it happening and think ‘Why am I doing this?’ and in that moment you have the power to replace that habit with something healthier and rewarding. Do it!

The Hierophant reveals you will think more about what spiritual or emotionally satisfying activities you can pursue. You notice the mind, body and spirit connections in your realm, and you notice when and where you feel good and who you’re with, what you’re doing. The Seven of Cups brings you imaginative ideas to promote more wellbeing and spirituality in your life. Do it. Take it up. Practice a more spiritual way of living.


(The Moon, King of Wands, Four of Wands)

virgo sstar sign horoscope
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The Moon tarot card asks you to focus on the New Moon in Aries and the Full Moon in Scorpio this month. Great things can be achieved if you align your goals and activities on those two dates. Activate things at the New Moon and reflect on results and how you feel at the Full Moon, and adjust accordingly.

The Four and King of Wands are both cards of progression, advancement, and promotion. You are heading onwards and upwards - be that in your studies, career, or home (or even all three, they are often linked). Be bold and positive. Practice optimistic and hopeful thinking. Aim high in your work world and ask for more, be expansive, take on responsibility, show your leadership skills. You are on the cusp on a great leap! One which will set you up for the next level and the next chapter in your life.


(Ace of Wands, The Hanged Man, Ten of Coins)

libra star sign horoscope
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A new seed that you plant this April will grow into something significant in the coming years. The Ace of Wands sees you doing something educational, travel-linked, healthy lifestyle associated or extremely creative that takes root, grows, blossoms, and becomes something really positive and rewarding for years to come!

The Ten of Coins shows it’s valuable, healthy, wealth-creating, and fulfilling. Serve a ‘future you'. Start things which have the potential to grow in the future and are all good for you. The Hanged Man reveals this action will unlock a great deal of forward momentum. Perhaps things have felt a little stagnant or frustrating recently, or you’ve not seen the results of your efforts. It's been annoying. Well, focus on activating new and different activities (in the areas outlined) and things will start to get going! A halo and chain reaction will emerge which makes you feel empowered, rewarded, and in control again!


(Two of Coins, The Star, The Wheel of Fortune)

scorpio star sign horoscope
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Powerful cards this April, Scorpio, so buckle up ready for a really fascinating month ahead. A positive one, if a little game-changing! The Star brings you a cosmic wish pass, use it to get a heart’s desire manifested in your life. The higher you aim, the better the outcome. Of course, every wish has a price and The Wheel of Fortune hints that more change will accompany your dream-come-true than you think. Be ready to see the ripples and adapt to the new circumstances. Embrace it all! Life is all about change isn’t it. Nothing remains as is.

The Two of Coins shows you should welcome in as much new energy as possible this April. It’s like a ‘battery charging’ month and the more you take on, the better your 2024 will turn out to be. You’re planting seeds which will bloom and flower all year long. You’re taking in new activity, connections, ideas, and pursuits. All of it will turn into magical momentum this spring and beyond. Make dreams come true, accept change, plant seeds. Job done!


(Six of Cups, Six of Swords, Ace of Cups)

sagittarius star sign horoscope
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An intriguing trio of cards and I think you might be receiving a blast from the past, Sagittarius. The Ace of Cups is a new (or rekindled) passionate and loving relationship. Possibly with a Water sign (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) but definitely someone you enjoy strong chemistry and an immediate connection with. This is BIG.

The Six of Cups hints they are connected to your past. It could be an ex, or someone who went to your school, an old work colleague, even a friend of a friend. If this is a friendship rather than romance thing, then perhaps you bump into them socially and discover you have a shared history somehow. The Six of Swords hints that this (re)connection will lead to you moving on from something in your current realm. It could be as big and dramatic as ending one romance to start a new one but don’t worry if that sounds awful! It could be that this person encourages you to review a situation or role you don’t enjoy, and perhaps return to what you used to love doing. One memory often triggers another. Stroll down Memory Lane this April.


(The Tower, Nine of Swords, Four of Cups)

everything to know about a capricorn and their traits
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You don’t like losing anything, even the things you don’t want anymore. It’s a weird trait of Capricorns. However, it's time to release something, and it’s not anything you still use or want so please let it go. For some reason, the Nine of Swords has you worrying about this. Maybe you think it’s the start of a phase of loss (it isn’t) or you will regret letting go (you won’t).

The Tower shows this ‘thing’ is going, no matter what, anyway. If you don’t make the move, the universe will step in and make it happen. Better to be proactive and positive here. Better to be the ‘doer’ versus the ‘done to’. The Four of Cups shows you are bored of it all anyway and the presence of this outdated ‘thing’ is dragging down the mood, the energy and the potential for new news to enter the scene. Cut it off with no regrets. This is the right time to let go. Better opportunities lies in store.


(Five of Coins, Eight of Coins, Six of Coins)

aquarius star sign horoscope
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A trio of Coins cards means that work, wealth, health and home are top of your priority list this April. Spring cleaning perhaps, in more ways than one? The Five of Coins sees you letting some things go, removing dead weight and dead wood. Perhaps healing, too, recovering from losses or wounds endured over the winter. The Eight of Coins sees you getting to some important tasks and working hard on achieving your goals. There will be graft this April, but the rewards are worthwhile, so make the effort, press ahead, and don’t give up even if you get tired or frustrated. A breakthrough will come along when you really need it and help clear the path.

The Six of Coins sees your friendships really taking off this April. You feel supported, appreciated, valued, and loved. You want to do more with your circle and perhaps take on a team challenge or book something to look forward to later in Summer. Do it. Be amongst your faves and create a positive fellowship. Aquarians are great friends!


(Page of Wands, Page of Swords, Ten of Cups)

pisces star sign horoscope
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You’re feeling young, beautiful, and happy! You’re feeling like anything might be possible and, you know what, I think you’re right! The Ten of Cups puts friendship and romance top of the list. This is a month where you can fall (more deeply) in love and create something lasting, loving, and loyal with someone special. Put romance at the heart of your plans. Make grand gestures. Tell them how you feel.

The Pages of Wands and Swords are with you, bringing youthful and exciting energy. So many options and opportunities. Try it all! Have a go at everything that comes your way and don’t feel overwhelmed - you’re not committed to anything, you’re just trying things on for size. Keep what works, and discard what doesn’t. Spring is here, everything is unfurling and opening up, get involved and approach it all with optimism. You can have a magical month ahead.

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