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Apple's second-generation Pencil is cheaper than ever

The first-gen iPad stylus is also on sale.

Nathan Ingraham/Engadget

This is a good time to get an Apple Pencil if you plan to use your iPad for art or note-taking. Amazon is once more selling the second-generation Pencil for a record-low $89, or $40 off. That makes it an easy choice if you have a compatible tablet (more on that in a moment) and want a high-end stylus, even if you're considering potentially cheaper third-party alternatives.

The official high-end stylus for iPads is back down to its best price.
$89 at Amazon

The second-gen Pencil offers the most creative flexibility you'll find in an iPad pen, with low lag, double-tap tool controls and low lag. And importantly, it's one of the most convenient options. You'll need a relatively recent iPad Air, iPad mini or iPad Pro, but the magnetic charger on the side of those tablets gives you an easy way to stow your stylus while powering it. You don't have to think about cables, or buy a case with a pen slot.

Don't worry if you have the latest base iPad or an earlier model that doesn't support the second-gen Apple Pencil. Amazon is also selling the first-gen Pencil at an all-time low of $79, or $20 off. It's not as easy to charge (a USB-C adapter is included for the new iPad) and doesn't offer tap control, but it's still one of the best options for drawing and handwriting on supported tablets.

Buy Apple Pencil (1st Gen) at Amazon - $79

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