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Apple's iPhone 15 is up to $120 off at Woot right now

The deal doesn’t include the original packaging.

Billy Steele/Engadget

Woot is selling iPhone 15 models for up to $120 off, with various configuration and color options. This discount makes the 128GB version just $680 and brings the 256GB model down to $800. Those are some good prices for one of Apple’s latest and greatest smartphones.

This is a great deal for one of the company's latest smartphones. 

$680 at Woot

There are some caveats. This sale is just for the standard iPhone 15, so don’t go looking for Pro or Pro Max versions. These are brand-new smartphones, but they don’t come with official Apple packaging. Instead, you get a “sleek custom black box.” Finally, these handsets aren’t eligible for AppleCare, though they do ship with a one-year vendor warranty.

There’s also the ghost of Christmas future. It’s late June right now and Apple typically unveils new smartphones in September. This means that in a few short months, that iPhone 15 will likely get outshined by the iPhone 16. Still, modern updates tend to be iterative, so you probably won’t be missing that much, outside of Apple Intelligence integration.

On the upside, this is the iPhone 15. It’s one of the best smartphones money can buy. We gave the standard iPhone 13 the award for best budget-friendly smartphone, but the Woot deal brings the two models much closer in price.

With that in mind, the 15 is a major step up in just about every way. It features a better chip, improved cameras, longer battery life and, at long last, USB-C integration. We called it "the most substantial update to the regular iPhone in years" in our official review. If you want a reliable and powerful smartphone that should keep on ticking for a few years, don’t sleep on this deal.

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