Apple is rolling out a setup fix for iPhone 14 buyers

Most people who are updating their existing iPhones to iOS 16.0 will be busy customizing their new Lock Screens and exploring all the nifty features of the new operating system. But If you have pre-ordered a new iPhone 14 or plan on buying one, you will have to update to iOS 16.0.1 straight away to avoid any setup snafus.

Apple is issuing an iPhone 14-only update to fix a bug that causes activation and migration issues. Because this update is part of setting up the new iPhone, users won't have any trouble as long as they quickly apply the fix.

The iOS 16.0.1 update also fixes a few more issues related to photos appearing soft while zooming in landscape mode on the iPhone 14 Pro Max and authentication for Enterprise single sign-on apps.

The iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be available for general purchase starting Friday, September 16. While the iPhone 14 Plus will be available on October 7.

It's important to remember while Apple can issue automatic security updates on devices with iOS 16, above mentioned bugs are system issues and users need to manually update their phones.

Now that new iPhones and iOS 16 are out, users will be eagerly waiting for the next set of updates that were originally announced at WWDC: the delayed iPadOS 16 update, iOS 16.1 update that will bring Shared Photo Library and Live Activities, and hopefully, Apple's promising collaboration app Freeform.