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Apple's AirTag 4-pack is on sale for $90

A solid deal considering a single AirTag retails for $29.

Photo by Chris Velazco / Engadget

Anyone looking to keep track of all their devices is in for a little treat. Apple's AirTag four-pack is currently on sale for $90. It equates to a 9 percent discount, knocking off a bit, but the lowest we've seen was $80. Still not a bad deal now, though, if you've been hesitant to spring for the four-pack. A single AirTag is available for $29, making the four-pack sale almost into a buy three, get the fourth free affair.

Apple's AirTag four-pack is currently on sale for $90 — a 9 percent discount.
$90 at Amazon

AirTags are one of the best Bluetooth trackers on the market, seamlessly pairing to your iPhone and clearly visible in the Find My app. Newer phones provide detailed directions to your lost items, and everyone has the ability to make an AirTag chime.

AirTags are small at about an inch and a quarter in length and width. A slight downside to them is their lack of a keyring area, which many rival devices offer by default. You'll have to buy a pouch or accessory if you want to hook one to your keys, but AirTags can easily slip into a suitcase or bag with ease.

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