'SNL' Fans Really Related to That 'Shrek' vs. 'Coco' Sketch

Gina Carbone

"Saturday Night Live" hit the jackpot with host Sterling K. (for Kathleen, but not really) Brown. Sure, there were a couple of weak sketches, but the good ones were very good.

The March 10 show went hard on pop culture references, starting with a political cold open set to Arie's "unedited" "The Bachelor" finale breakup. Later in the show, "Black Panther" star Sterling K. Brown starred in a "deleted scene" from the movie; he also played Common in an Oscars edition of "Family Feud"; and, of course, he was part of the "This Is Us" political spoof, "This Is U.S."

But fans jumped into the debate themselves after the Family Dinner sketch.

In the sketch, SKB's character, Justin, attacks his girlfriend's parents for liking "Coco" more than the best animated movie of all time (to him) "Shrek."

"You're wrong. You're wrong and you're a stupid person. [...] I can't believe I have to defend a movie with three hit sequels and a 4-D Universal Studios ride. But let's all bend over backwards for 'Coco'!"

The best part is when Sterling throws water in Beck Bennett's face -- twice. ("Keep his name out of your mouth, you dumb sonofab*tch!")Fans appreciated the "Shrek" shoutout -- like that viral meme come to life -- although others defended "Coco":